Proximal phalanges (foot) are the largest bones in the toe. They form the base of the toe and are a separate bone from the middle phalanges (the center bones in the toes) and the distal phalanges (the bones at the tip of the toes). They are connected to the metatarsals, or long bones in the feet, by cartilage. Humans have five of these bones on each foot, as well as 21 other bones, for a total of 26 bones in each foot.

The proximal phalanges are numbered one through five according to their size, one being the largest toe and five being the smallest. In the large toe, the proximal phalange is connected directly to the distal phalange and there is no middle phalange. In all the smaller toes, it is connected to the middle phalange.

The proximal phalanges (foot) allow the toes to bend, which in turn aids in balance and helps the foot to flex in order to walk, run and jump.