The procerus is a muscle in your face. It allows you to move the skin between your eyebrows and may result in wrinkles due to overuse.

The procerus muscle is the pyramid-shaped muscle extending from the lower part of the nasal bone to the middle area in the forehead between the eyebrows, where it is attached to the frontalis muscle. Its location allows it to pull the skin between the eyebrows down.

Its surface is marked with transverse (horizontal) lines and it is usually one of the sites targeted during treatment or correction of wrinkles. Over-activity of the procerus muscle and corrugator supercilii results in the appearance of wrinkles. Researchers in the field of plastic surgery who are looking into possible remedies for transverse wrinkles and glabellar frown lines — the vertical wrinkles that people develop between their eyebrows — study the structure and function of the procerus muscle. They use specimens taken from the buccal branch of the superior orbital nerve.