The posterior interosseous artery is located in the forearm of the human body. This artery runs the entire length of the forearm. Its path lies beside the oblique cord, which is located directly between the radius and ulna. These are the two major bones of the forearm. The artery also rests beside the interosseous membrane, which keeps the bones of the forearm separated. The interosseous artery picks up oxygenated blood on the way from the heart and carries it to the muscles and veins of the forearm. The artery runs beside the dorsal interosseous artery. At the bottom of the forearm, it joints with the volar interosseous artery. Here it becomes part of the dorsal carpal network. The posterior interosseous artery also connects to the radial collateral branch. This branch is part of the profunda brachii, located at the upper part of the arm, near the shoulder.