The lateral inferior genicular artery is located in the lower leg near the knee and branches off from the popliteal artery. This artery supplies oxygenated blood to the lateral aspect (side) of the knee. Its wraps laterally around the fibula, which is the smaller of the two bones of the lower leg.

It is a terminal artery, meaning that no additional named arteries branch off from it.

There are several medical conditions associated with this artery. If a blockage occurs, it can cause poor blood circulation to the area of the knee. If the artery experiences complete blockage, the cells in this joint may begin to die because they are no longer receiving oxygen.

Because sports injuries are so common around the knee, there can be physical damage to the arteries and/or tendons and ligaments. If these problems occur and the lateral inferior genicular artery is damaged, surgery may be required to repair the affected area.