The L2 vertebra is the second lumbar spinal vertebra in the human body. Along with the other vertebrae, it makes up the spinal column, which supports the upper half of the human body.

The lumbar vertebrae are the largest movable bones of the backbone. Their larger size and bone strength is necessary because these vertebrae support more weight than the upper two segments of the backbone. The spinal column is connected at the base of the pelvic bone, and extends up along the back to the base of the skull. Each vertebra in the spinal column is shaped to protect the spinal cord from injury, and also has enough movement and flexibility to bend and twist to allow the necessary movements of the body.

The L2 vertebra is located in the lower curvature of the spine, and the portion of the spinal cord that it protects is known as the lumbar cord. Injury in this area can cause nerve damage, loss of feeling in the lower extremities, and difficulty with walking and movement.