The intermediate cephalic vein is also known as the median cephalic vein or median cubital vein. It is quite large and is located in the antecubital fossa, which is a prime location for drawing blood. It is one of the forearm’s main superficial veins. Specifically, this vein branches off laterally from the intermediate antebrachial vein. It joins with the cephalic vein close to the elbow. At the crease of the elbow, the vein often forms an M-shaped or H-shaped pattern with the basilica and cephalic veins. The intermediate cephalic vein is easily accessible and located farther from major arteries and nerves than the other veins in this region., This usually makes it a safe choice for drawing blood. A puncture to this vein is also less painful than punctures to the other veins. However, it is not a good choice for intravenous injection because it is so close to the elbow joint.