The extensor digiti minimi refers to a muscle located in the forearm of the human body. It is also known as the extensor digiti quinti proprius. The muscle is connected to the extensor digitorium communis, which controls the muscles in the four fingers of the hand. On the backside of the arm and lower part of the hand is the dorsal radiocarpal ligament. This ligament keeps the muscles and tendons from moving or shifting in the arm and is connected to the digiti minimi. It stops when it reaches the first bone of the pinky finger. The function of the extensor digiti minimi is to control the movement of the little finger. When the muscle moves, it forces the little finger to bend and stretch. Sudden or unexpected movement of the finger or trauma to the finger may damage the muscle. Traction to keep the little finger from moving is typically recommended to treat the injury. Sprain of this muscle is common in athletes, but is not considered to be a serious injury.