The dorsal metacarpal ligament connects each metacarpal at its base. This ligament is officially known as the dorsal carpometacarpal ligament. The dorsal metacarpal ligament is the strongest carpometacarpal ligament. It connects the carpal and metacarpal bones at their dorsal surfaces. Several types of metacarpal ligaments exist. These include the interosseous metacarpal ligament and the deep transverse metacarpal ligaments. The dorsal metacarpal ligament is one of several dorsal deep ligaments. The term dorsal refers to the back of the body, in this case, the back of the hand. Dorsal deep ligaments are located beneath the dorsal superficial ligaments. They serve to connect ligaments and small bones. The dorsal metacarpal ligament is situated near the proximal end of the bones of the hand. Its main function is to stabilize the metacarpal joints. Injury to the ligaments of the wrist and hand can cause disruption of the movement of the wrist and hand. In turn, this may further lead to painful conditions such as arthritis. The carpometacarpal joints are connected by six volar ligaments and six dorsal ligaments. In general, the dorsal ligaments are much more durable than the volar ligaments.