Ligaments are fibrous tissue bands that surround bones. The ligaments connect two or more bones together, forming a bone junction. The dorsal intercarpal ligament is a ligament found in the human wrist. The ligament allows the wrist to be flexible, moving and shaping as needed. This ligament travels across the wrist, forming a right angle with the arm. The intercarpal ligaments are closely related to the carpal bones. The carpal bones are a small series of bones in the wrist found between the radius and the ulna, which are the two long bones in the forearm. The carpal bones sit beneath the metacarpus bones, which help form the bones of the hand. The dorsal intercarpal ligament sits directly on top of carpal bones. The ligament extends down to the phalanges, or bones of the fingers, and over towards the thumb. The ligament serves to connect the carpal bones to the radius and metacarpus bones.