The hand possesses a rich blood supply with an extensive lymphatic system and vein network. The dorsal digital veins of the hand pass on either side of the digits. They communicate at intervals via the dorsal venous arches. The veins on the adjacent borders of the fingers form a network before joining the dorsal metacarpal veins. These then drain into the dorsal venous arch. The dorsal veins of the thumb and index finger join the radial side of the arch. The palmar digital veins drain into a superficial plexus in the palm. The veins on the back of the hand and the arrangement into arches are obvious. The dorsal digital veins of the hand join both the cephalic vein and basilica vein. The entire dorsal venous network then connects to the cephalic vein in the center of the forearm. The cephalic vein commences in the radial end of the dorsal venous arch. It receives the metacarpal veins at the thumb.