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Dorsal cuboideavicular ligament

The dorsal cuboideonavicular ligament, also known as the ligamentum cuboideonavicular dorsale or the dorsal ligament of the cuboideonavicular joint, is a short band of fibers bundled together, although it is sometimes synovial rather than fibrous. It is one of five dorsal tarsal ligaments located on the dorsum of the foot. The dorsal cuboideonavicular ligament connects the navicular and cuboid tarsus bones' dorsal surfaces. Its fibers extend transversely between the posterior part of the cuboid bone's medial adjacent border and the navicular bone's rounded lateral border. It attaches proximally to the cuboid bone's dorsum and distally to the navicular bone's dorsum. The ligament's fibrous bundle The dorsal cuboideonavicular ligament is triangular in shape and has both a lateral base and a medial apex. It is normally considered a syndesmosis. Its function is to support the articular surfaces of the cuboideonavicular joint's capsule, which are joined by strong fibrous interosseous ligaments. The dorsal cuboideonavicular ligament is sometimes replaced by a synovial joint supported by the plantar and dorsal ligaments, and lined with a synovial membrane.
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In Depth: Dorsal cuboideavicular ligament

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