The dorsal carpometacarpal ligament is one of the connecting bands for the upper limbs, in the hands and the wrists. The bones in the palm of the hand are called metacarpals. The bones in the wrist are called carpals. This ligament is part of a series of small and ligamentous bands that connect the carpals to the metacarpals. The ligament attaches to the dorsal surface of these bones, which refers to the back of the hand. The main function of the ligaments is to offer stability to the metacarpal joints. In order to do this, the ligaments connect the metacarpal bases to the distal carpal bones. The dorsal carpometacarpal ligament is by far the strongest of the all of the carpometacarpal ligaments.

The carpometacarpal ligament attaches to various metacarpal bones, all of which are recipients of fascicule. Fasciculus (also known as fascicle) is an anatomical term that is used to describe tiny tendon, muscle and nerve fibers.