The dorsal calcaneocuboid ligament is part of a group of muscular fibers in the foot. As it is fasciculus, the ligament is both small and broad. It extends from the heel bone to the cuboid tarsal bone. Also, the ligament is located on the dorsal side of the joint between the cuboid and the heel bone. The ligament assists in strengthening the foot, and it helps facilitate movement. The feet not only assist in bipedal motions such as walking, but they must bare a lot of stress and strain. After all, the feet must support the entire body while standing. Because of this, damage to the dorsal calcaneocuboid ligament could provide a sense of instability. Damage to the dorsal calcaneocuboid ligament may often be overlooked by some physicians. However, some diagnosticians would suspect it when presented a patient with swollen feet, especially if the foot trauma occurred while leg rotates in a supinating motion. If injured, treating a ruptured or torn ligament would require a surgical procedure.