The femoral vein is a vein running alongside the femoral artery. The femoral artery is located in the upper area of the thigh and consists of multiple arteries. The deep femoral vein (also known as the profunda femoris vein) is a vein that forms the femoral vein in the thigh. Damage to either the artery or vein can result in death, as the blood pumps through the vein rapidly.

The vein divides into different branches and receives blood from veins located on the back of the thigh. The vein connects with the medial femoral vein and lateral circumflex vein to form an area known as the femoral triangle. The vein stops at the inguinal ligament, where it becomes part of the external iliac vein.

The deep femoral vein is common injection site used by recreational drug users. The needle is injected directly into the vein because it quickly circulates the drug throughout the body, resulting in a quick “high.” The femoral vein is considered a deep vein because it is hidden deep inside the body, unlike superficial veins, which are located close to the surface of the skin.