The coccygeal muscle is located in the pelvic cavity. This muscle originates at the sacrospinous ligament, near the center of the pelvis, and inserts at the anococcygeal body and coccyx. The coccyx is also known as the tailbone.

The coccygeal muscle and the levator ani muscle together make up the pelvic diaphragm. The levator ani muscle has three parts that all lie anterior to (in front of) the coccygeal muscle. Fasciae, a type of connective tissue, connect all of the pelvic muscles to each other.

The coccygeal muscle is triangular in shape. The nerve that controls this muscle is the anterior primary ramus. Blood to this muscle is supplied by a branch of the internal iliac artery.

The primary function of the coccygeal muscle is to support the all of the organs located in the pelvis. In females, this includes support for the uterus. This muscle also closes off the back of the pelvic cavity.