The anterior tibiofibular ligament located deep within the leg, near the ankle. This ligament holds the two bones of the lower leg – the tibia and fibula – together. This is a very common place for people to injure themselves. When doctors study this ligament in a patient they often use a stress test to help to determine the viability of the ligament. However, it can be difficult for doctors to get a true measurement in this way because people often stiffen up their ankles during the stress test. There are several different types of tests that doctors perform to diagnose problems with this ligament. One of them is the inversion stress test. This is where the knee is held at a 90-degree angle and the heel is pushed from below with one hand, and another hand is needed to hold the lower leg. Another is the external rotation test where the doctor rotates the foot. There is also a squeeze test where a doctor firmly squeezes the bones of the ankle.