Having a fun, functional, and fashionable workout wardrobe may be the motivator you need to get out there and run, spin, or surf your way to fitness.

Dressing the part can give you a mental boost. In one survey, 85 percent of respondents said that getting new, well-fitting clothes gave them more confidence at the gym. 

So why not arm yourself with activewear that will motivate you to elevate your workout game?
To find your perfect workout wardrobe formula, choose clothes that are right for your activity and that offer a good fit, support, and coverage. Select high-quality fabrics that promise longevity, enhance performance, and also make you feel good — all without harming the planet. 
Below are some top picks for six different sports, all from companies who have made a commitment to sustainability. Which look do you love?

Whether you’re looking to level up in the gym, find your flow, or catch some waves this year, here’s hoping your new workout wear can be a motivator to help you meet your goals.