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The number of companies offering telemedicine services has increased tremendously recently.

Hers, a telehealth company that provides prescriptions for treating certain medical conditions and sells over-the-counter medications as well as personal care products geared toward women, has become particularly popular over the last year.

The brand was designed as the counterpart to the popular men’s health site, Hims, which provides telehealth services targeted toward men.

Hers offers convenient access to prescription medications, like birth control, to those who need it without them taking time off work for appointments. The company’s vision is to empower customers to take control of their sexual, mental, and physical health, while limiting the wait time and inconvenience of in-person appointments.

The Hers Medical Advisory Board, made up of mostly female doctors, guides the medical advice and product recommendations.

Keep reading to see if Hers is right for you.

Here are the steps to getting started with Hers.

Create your profile

The first step is to get your profile set up.

Hers uses an encrypted data platform to ensure any information provided is kept private. You’ll enter basic information about yourself and answer questions about lifestyle, health, medical history, and current symptoms. You will also need to provide the platform with a government-issued ID and credit card.

You also have to sign up for a subscription and pay for a medical consultation. This consultation costs $39.

Complete a medical questionnaire

After getting set up, you’ll complete a few questions about your specific medical concern and symptoms.

Within 24 hours, a licensed medical professional will reach out to you to evaluate your needs. They’ll talk with you through the online platform to give you a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan.

Get your treatment plan

Once your licensed medical professional has talked through your symptoms and found a diagnosis, they’ll help you decide on a treatment plan.

If a prescription is needed, it’s discreetly and conveniently mailed to your home. Many of the treatments are sold by a monthly subscription.

Hers offers services and products for overall health, sexual health, skin care, and hair care.

Health and wellness services

Hers has virtual services available for:

  • Primary care. Hers offers evaluation treatment for basic medical symptoms and conditions, including cold and flu, allergies, infections, tension headaches, skin-related issues, and stomach-related issues. A licensed healthcare professional will assess your symptoms and recommend an appropriate treatment plan.
  • Mental health. You can get evaluated by a qualified psychiatrist, talk through your mental health concerns, and find a treatment plan. Medications can be prescribed and delivered to your door. Anonymous group support sessions are offered, so you can find support and learn strategies to cope with any challenges. Hers also offers ongoing therapy with licensed counselors.

Hair care

Maintaining healthy hair and preventing hair loss can be common concerns. Hers offers a wide range of hair and scalp care products:

Skin care

The Hers skin care line targets two of the most common skin care concerns: acne and aging. The products are only available after signing up for the service.

Skin care options from Hers include:

  • Deep Sea Cleanser: This hydrating cleanser helps clear acne-prone skin with a blend of red seaweed extract and rosehip seed.
  • Tidal Wave Moisturizer: Ultra-hydrating, this non-clogging moisturizer is designed for acne-prone skin.
  • Acne Cream: This prescription-strength, customized moisturizer is available for both teens and adults. The ingredient mix and strength are designed for your specific needs. The formula includes tretinoin, niacinamide, clindamycin phosphate, zinc pyrithione, and azelaic acid.
  • Acne Cream for Teens: Specifically designed for teenagers, this customized cream uses the same ingredients as the traditional acne cream to control acne breakouts and clear up clogged pores.
  • Anti-Aging Cream: This cream is made with prescription strength tretinoin (a vitamin A derivative) to help with skin texture and the appearance of fine lines.

Sexual health

Hers offers a straightforward approach to basic sexual health needs, like birth control and treatments for yeast infections.

  • Birth control pills ($12/month): Birth control can be frustrating and expensive, but Hers aims to be a simple and affordable option sent right to your door. Choose from a selection of birth control pills including monophasic, biphasic, triphasic, progestin only, and extended cycle birth control options. Before ordering, you’ll need to have an online consultation with a physician who will determine if a prescription is appropriate and what type you should use based on your medical history.
  • Yeast infection treatment ($19): Yeast infection treatment from Hers comes with three applicators filled with miconazole. If you’ve never had a yeast infection before, it’s best to visit a doctor in person for a diagnosis. If you’ve had one before, your yeast infection can be treated with over-the-counter medications, like the one offered by Hers (no need for a telehealth appointment first). Visit a doctor if your yeast infection doesn’t heal with over-the-counter treatment or returns within 3 months.
  • Genital herpes management: This treatment is available by prescription after an online consultation with a physician. Hers prescribes valacyclovir to help manage and prevent herpes breakouts.

There are more general sexual health products available, like condoms, lubricants, and vibrators.


Hers offers supplements to support your health from the inside, including:

Hers offers a solution for those wanting basic medical support quickly and conveniently. If you want to avoid going to a busy office and taking time off work, Hers may be a good option for you.

If Hers can prescribe the medication that meets your healthcare needs, the product arriving right to your door each month is a time saver.

That being said, not all medical questions and concerns can be answered through the virtual platform. There’s a chance Hers won’t be able to address your concerns or have a product that’s a good fit for your needs.

Hers does not accept medical insurance. This means the products made by Hers and all the services are out-of-pocket costs.

If you choose to send your prescription to a local pharmacy, your insurance may cover the prescription.

The cost of the visit with a licensed medical professional is $39. The products offered by Hers range in price from around $10 to over $100. You won’t be charged for shipping, and the cost of a monthly subscription varies based on which products or package you choose.

The Hims & Hers company is licensed in all 50 states to provide online healthcare services.

There’s currently a pending class action lawsuit against the Hers parent company, Hims, for sending spam text messages.

Since medical services are confidential, customer reviews aren’t available for all of Hers products and services.

The hair care, supplements, and non-prescription sexual health products are rated between 4 and 5 stars (out of 5) on the Hers website.

Some Hims and Hers products are available in stores like Target. The biotin gummies mentioned above are rated 4 out of 5 stars on the Target website.

How do I meet with the medical professional?

The consultation with a licensed medical professional takes place via chat on the Hers platform. There’s no video or phone call.

How long does it take for the prescription to deliver?

The Hers website claims your order will arrive within 5 to 7 business days.

What if I have questions after my consultation?

The medical professionals on the Hers platform remain available after your first consultation to answer follow-up questions and help you with changes.

Hers provides easy virtual access to licensed healthcare professionals to help you manage basic health needs. The services offered include primary care, mental health care, hair care, skin care, supplements, and sexual health.

For basic needs, Hers may be a convenient option to get prescriptions sent right to your door. Their services are limited, since you never meet face to face (virtually or in-person) with your medical professional.

You should still see your primary care physician or a healthcare professional for regular in-person visits for more in-depth health and physical assessments.

Ashley Braun, MPH, RD, is a health and wellness writer based in Michigan. Her work helps people understand what affects their health, so they can make informed choices to take back the control in their health and wellness journey.