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From pregnancy to postpartum, these supplements, bras, and devices can be helpful, supportive, and informational.

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FullWell Women’s Prenatal

FullWell prenatal bottle

Why we chose it: Each serving of this dietitian-formulated prenatal offers an impressive 300 milligrams of choline, a nutrient that’s often overlooked in prenatal formulas.

It also includes highly absorbable forms of folate, vitamin D, vitamin B12, and 19 other essentials, making it one of the most comprehensive prenatals we’ve vetted.

FullWell avoids GMO ingredients, and it’s free of common allergens, including gluten, wheat, dairy, shellfish, eggs and others. Independent, third-party testing can add a little peace of mind during this all-important, all-consuming life stage. We also like that there’s an option for a subtle lemon essence flavor.

One thing that may deter you: it means taking 8 capsules per day. That’s, well, a lot. Luckily, in our experience, it’s not as tough as it seems.

Our reviewer — currently amidst her second pregnancy taking FullWell — opens the capsules and mixes into smoothies. She also divides into smaller servings throughout the day with each meal or snack, taking one or two capsules at a time so it doesn’t feel like so much at once.

  • formulated to meet the increased nutritional demands of pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • made from high quality ingredients
  • contains forms of nutrients that are easiest to absorb
  • third-party tested to ensure that the supplement contains only the types and amounts of nutrients listed on the bottle
  • easy to swallow and no bad aftertaste, so you might not mind taking them on a regular basis

“The reproductive system is definitely more intricate than it seems. People think it’s such a small area of a woman’s body, but it really has a large impact.”

— Priya Patel, MD, OB-GYN

FullWell Prenatal capsules size
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Photo of FullWell Women’s Prenatal capsules courtesy of Catherine Conelly

Mira Starter Kit

Why we chose it: This all-in-one digital fertility monitor uses the most accurate form of tracking available — it measures key hormone levels in urine. With 99% lab-grade accuracy, Mira can help you predict your fertile window and ovulation day.

The set comes with almost everything you need to take and test a sample, including step-by-step directions, while the accompanying app (available on both iOS and Android — another reason we chose it) tracks your hormone scores, levels, and trends over time.

Bonus: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) evaluated the Mira Starter Kit.

Worth noting: You probably don’t need to splurge on a fertility monitor like this unless you’ve already been trying to get pregnant. In many cases, standard ovulation test strips suffice. After all, as OB-GYN Priya Patel explained to Healthline, the goal, initially, is simply, “to know if you’re ovulating or not when you’re meant to be.”

  • relies on the most effective tracking method: measuring hormone levels (progesterone and luteinizing hormone) in urine versus basal body temperature
  • an FDA-evaluated product
  • app is compatible with Android and iPhone

“To begin with, I always recommend simple monitoring methods, as all we want to know is if you’re ovulating when you’re meant to be. If you are and those have failed, then I recommend moving on to other forms of fertility monitoring.”

— Priya Patel, MD, OB-GYN

Modern Fertility Hormone Test

Why we chose it: If you’re interested in a proactive approach to fertility planning, Modern Fertility’s hormone test is registered with the FDA and one of the most comprehensive at-home tests on the market.

It tests between two and seven hormones, depending on your preferred birth control method.

You send in a finger prick sample that you can collect at home or at a local lab, and results are available about 3 business days after the company receives your sample.

Fertility doctors review the customized reports, which include helpful information relating to ovarian reserve, thyroid and anti-müllerian hormone levels, along with any fertility red flags.

  • uses Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)- and College of American Pathologists (CAP)-accredited lab
  • FDA-registered product
  • tests a comprehensive amount of hormones
  • accepts health savings account or flexible spending account
  • medical professionals review results

Nutrafol Postpartum

Why we chose it: You might think it’s your hormones, but hair loss and thinning can be an unpleasant reality for many after pregnancy.

We chose Nutrafol Postpartum over other hair growth supplements because it’s breastfeeding-friendly.

An OB-GYN developed and formulated it to address specific causes of postpartum hair woes with nutrients and botanicals like vitamin D, iron, zinc, and marine collagen, which can help strengthen strands and promote growth.

We also like that it’s formulated without GMOs and common allergens.

With consistent use, our editor noticed results after 3–4 months.

  • safe for breastfeeding
  • includes evidence-backed nutrients that directly or indirectly help strengthen and support healthy hair growth, including vitamin D, iron, zinc, and marine collagen
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Progress photos while using Nutrafol Postpartum, courtesy of Catherine Conelly

Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime Nursing Bra

Why we chose it: There are nonnegotiables when it comes to a good nursing bra — comfort, support, durability, easy to clasp and unclasp with one hand (as anyone attempting to breastfeed a squalling infant undoubtedly understands).

Then, there are the bonuses — a range of colors and sizes, some semblance of style, reasonably priced.

The Simply Sublime Nursing Bra almost has it all. It’s the kind of blissfully comfortable, full-coverage bra you might buy in multiple colors and happily wear from pregnancy to postpartum and beyond (something our 32H tester can vouch for).

  • easy to clasp and unclasp with one hand
  • lasted through entire nursing period, at least 6 months, up to multiple pregnancies, making it durable
  • comfortable to wear all day without digging into skin or rubbing
  • has enough of an opening to support easy latching

Spectra 1

Why we chose it: Imagine a lightweight, hospital-grade breast pump with a built-in battery. That’s what you get with the FDA-cleared Spectra S1 Plus.

In addition to its closed system, option for single or double pumping, and ingenious built-in handle, the S1 Plus includes a power cord and rechargeable battery, so it can easily go wherever you go.

It’s full of thoughtful extras, too, like a night-light and timer, which is oh-so-helpful during those middle-of-the-night pumping sessions. Plus, many insurance plans cover the adjustable pump.

  • closed-system pumping design
  • fully empties breasts to help prevent clogged ducts and mastitis
  • reaches expression stages with zero to minimal trial and error
  • portability
  • FDA registered or cleared

Elvie Stride

Why we chose it: The FDA-cleared Elvie Stride is a highly portable, cordless, wearable breast pump that fits right inside your bra.

Here’s what stands out: hands-free design, comfy and lightweight cups, 10 intensity settings, strong yet quiet suction (a common comment from our reviewers), easy assembly, and a rechargeable battery, which should last for up to about 3 hours of pumping.

The Stride connects to the accompanying app where you can adjust and customize settings.

Editor’s tip: It’s best to charge it every night to avoid running out of battery because you can’t pump and charge at the same time. There may be few things worse than being desperate to pump with full breasts only to realize you have no battery.

Also, with any cordless pump, we’ve found it’s key to wear a good-fitting bra — too tight or too loose affects the suction.

  • closed-system pumping design
  • fully empties breasts to help prevent clogged ducts and mastitis
  • reaches expression stages with zero to minimal trial and error
  • portability
  • FDA registered or cleared