Heather posing26-year-old Heather underwent five heart surgeries and received a temporary heart pump, after developing endocarditis.

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Strokes and Heart Failure

Iman posing Iman Dorty, 29, a model, suffered from two strokes and heart failure while pregnant with her son. 

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Viral Cardiomyopathy

Scarlette posingScarlette, 46, had no heart health issues, until one morning... when she woke up gasping for breath. 

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Pulmonary Embolism

Melissa MoserMelissa Moser, 27, suffered from a near fatal pulmonary embolism during college. Now she's healthier than ever.

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Cardiac Arrest

Portrait of Mike, a firefighter who suffered from heart disease.Pam Anderson, 58, a mother and wife, went into cardiac arrest during recovery from a routine colon surgery.  Discover how she's changed her lifestyle. 

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