Yes, clinical trials may scare you since they’re experimental with hypothesized outcomes, but the studies are sure to adhere to strict criteria. This aids in the safety and success of the procedure, drug, or intervention.

For me, nurses closely monitored me every 15 to 60 minutes. I saw the researching doctor, or a member of his team, daily during my trial. I felt 100 percent included in all decision making, and never once felt forgotten or unheard. The rules and regulations were more strictly observed compared to my normal hospitalizations, which I found really comforting during my experience.

Remember, if you choose to participate, you are the most integral part of the clinical trial. Your needs will always be met. Your questions will always be answered. And your comfort will always be the number one priority during your participation.

Researching physicians must frequently report to the National Institute of Health. This ensures that trials with too many adverse outcomes get terminated.

This information first appeared on Healthline. Page last reviewed June 23, 2017.