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Sometimes, just the thought of having to travel to the doctor’s office and deal with paperwork and wait times can stop you from getting the consultation that could save your life.

But with rapidly changing technology, the inconveniences that come with going to see the doctor are no longer a reason or excuse — because the inconveniences no longer exist.

With telemedicine, you can:

  • Talk to a top doctor instantly from anywhere
  • Open 24 hours
  • Covered by most insurance
  • Get prescriptions for medications

Amwell is a leader in telemedicine, and an amazing resource that can connect you with a board-certified doctor no matter where you are, and no matter what the time of day. With your computer, tablet, or phone, you can use Amwell to connect with the specialist of your choice via streaming video in a matter of moments.

Try Amwell: Pick a doctor, pick a pharmacy, and get talking.

Telemedicine is a rapidly growing field of medical care that places the doctor’s office in your kitchen, living room, office, garden… wherever! That means no weeks of waiting for your appointment date, no reading dated magazines in the lobby, and, if you live in a more remote area, no having to drive for more than an hour to make sure your hunch isn’t a reality.

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If you have an inflexible work schedule, live far away from the nearest practice or hospital, or just can’t get away from home or work very easily, you can use your computer or other electronic device to get a diagnosis for your symptoms, have a quick checkup or follow-up, or ask a doctor for advice on prescriptions and treatments.

Telemedicine can also be a lifesaver in an emergency — for example, if someone needs a resuscitation and you are 20 minutes from the nearest hospital.

Amwell also has a staff of dietitians, as well as doctors, who can help you with planning your meals for weight management or specific dietary needs.

Try it and find out!

For just $69 or less, you can set up a video appointment with the doctor of your choice by signing up with Amwell.