Design by Ruth Basagoitia

New Year’s resolutions have one thing in common: a seriously high risk of failure. After what our world has been through in the past couple of years, we all deserve a pass, don’t you think? 

So this year, we suggest flipping the whole resolution concept. To quote The Beatles, let’s say you want a revolution. 

It’s a good thing to embrace the fresh start of a new calendar year. It’s also great if you want to set goals for a healthier and happier you. But let’s start with the premise that we’re all doing what we can. 

Instead of feeling pressure to invest in a gym membership, lose weight, or quit anything right now, how about taking a breath? Consider a new mindset. What if we treat every day like it’s January 1st? That way, a fresh start is never more than 24 hours away.

To get you in the spirit, our Resolution Revolution hub is filled with content that’s infused with a spirit of positivity, ease, innovation, and science-based behavior change. 

How about learning some mindfulness tricks to help with anxiety? And, instead of dreading the treadmill, read about all the many ways you can get those feel-good chemicals known as endorphins.  

Rather than leaning into deprivation and starting a [“d” word], you could go grocery shopping for a bunch of healthy staples to have in your kitchen.

Or, here’s a healthy new habit that doesn’t sound too onerous: power napping. Speaking of habits, you can learn how to harness the magic of “self-directed neuroplasticity” in The Science of Habit

And last, to borrow one more lyric from The Beatles, we want you to know it’s gonna be all right.