Our editorial team is usually pretty busy producing the best health and wellness content on the web… but we do find the time to get some reading done, too! Find out what’s been informing and inspiring us this month:

What Your Microbiome Wants for Dinner,” Nautilus

More and more research is showing us how trending dietary regimes like the Paleo diet or going vegan are missing the big picture when it comes to how human digestive systems actually function.

—Brooke Biggs, senior editor

Dating Apps Increasing Rates of Sexually Transmitted Infections, Say Doctors,” BBC Newsbeat

New data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea are all on the rise. Are apps to blame?

—Rachael Maier, editorial director

The Other ‘Fingerprints’ You Don’t Know About,” CNN

Biometrics experts from the University of Southampton say that the shape, bumps, and ridges on your ears might be the future when it comes to identification. Ear prints are gonna be big.

—Cameron Scott, news writer

Inside the World of OCD,” Pitt Med

I know the person who is the subject of this article, which follows a 30-year old professional woman through a typical day with her OCD, while also pulling together detailed insight on the latest research developments.

—Lauren Dolan, PA-C, copy editor

This is What it’s Really Like to Be in a Coma,” Metro News

If you’ve ever wondered what people think about or dream about – if at all – when they’re in a coma, someone on Reddit asked, and many answered.

—Brooke Biggs, senior editor

The War on Drugs is Doomed. Here’s How it Could Actually End,” Vox

Developing countries are bearing the brunt of the war on drugs. Could legalization in one of those countries trigger a domino effect that makes the whole thing futile?

—Kareem Yasin, editor

Discrimination by Airbnb Hosts is Widespread, Report Says,” New York Times

Ongoing research by three Harvard professors has found that there is “widespread discrimination” against people with black-sounding names among Airbnb’s host community.

—Elsbeth Riley, editor

People React to Being Called Beautiful,” YouTube

A social experiment records high-schoolers’ reactions to being called “beautiful” when having their photo taken.

—Brooke Biggs, senior editor

A New DNA Test Reveals if You’re Generically Gifted at Fitness (and We Tried it)Well+Good

As DNA testing becomes easier and more widely available, people can now find out whether they have genes that predispose them to being better at working out. But is any of this information actionable?

—Andie Hodgson, editorial designer

Australia’s Oldest Man Spends His Time Knitting Tiny Sweaters for Rescued Penguins,” One Green Planet

Some black-and-white friends get some much needed warmth after an oil spill damages their feathers.

—Jane Chertoff, assistant editor

The Daily Life of Darth Vader is My Latest 365-Day Photo Project,” Bored Panda

Definitive proof that Sith Lords are just like the rest of us (when they’re not blowing up Rebel planets). You can see the whole photo project here!

—Kareem Yasin, editor

Hacker Obtained Children’s’ Headshots and Chatlogs from Toymaker VTech,” Motherboard

I’m worried about internet-connected toys for kids this holiday season.

—Cameron Scott, news writer

Nigella Lawson: Clean Eating is ‘a Way to Hide an Eating Disorder’,” Yahoo! Beauty

One of Britain’s leading foodies comes out against some restrictive diets that go way past the line of just being good to your body. Preach, Nigella.

—Brooke Biggs, senior editor