Lavish lifestyle and dramatics aside, the Kardashian women seem to get a lot of things right when it comes to parenting.


There’s no gray area when it comes to opinions about the Kardashians. People love them or hate them. Yet for all their publicity seeking, there’s no denying that their family (as dysfunctional as it can be sometimes) comes first.

It should come as no surprise that — regardless of their over-the-top lifestyle — the Kardashian women seem to get a lot of things right when it comes to parenting.

1. The whole family helps out

It’s probably difficult to avoid family input in the Kardashian clan. Not only do they move into each other’s homes like the latest fashion, that intimacy is also captured for the camera. That said, the Kardashian clan babies — even when they’re not on the show — are usually surrounded by doting aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

Any parent can appreciate how much goes into raising a kid, and involved and supportive family members are an enormous gift.

Bonus? They can also be a much-needed reality check, even for reality TV.

2. They don’t sweat the small stuff

Parenting has clearly done wonders for Kim Kardashian’s sense of perspective. Remember all those over-the-top reactions that became internet sensations?

No matter what people say about her, there’s no denying that it takes an intense maternal love as well as swagger to rock the pricey Hermes purse that your toddler chose to color all over that afternoon.

3. When it comes to parenting, they follow ‘you do you’

Whether it’s breastfeeding, attachment parenting, or when you’re going to lose the “baby weight,” the world has no shortage of judgment for parenting decisions. And the Kardashian clan is so not here for that.

For Kourtney Kardashian, prioritizing breastfeeding meant taking a step back from the show and incorporating more breaks into her business schedule. She also went so far as to offer to breastfeed Kim’s babies. Kourtney certainly proves that you can do it your own way with the whole world watching, because what’s most important is whatever works for you and your baby.

4. They let their kids be their own people

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One of the most touching moments in recent seasons of their TV show was when Kim learned how to braid her daughter North’s natural curls. She felt she’d been letting her down by not knowing how to work with ethnic hair. Not only did this bond her and her daughter — who now get ready for the day together — Vogue magazine wrote how North’s hair is inspiring a generation of natural hair girls.

While it may seem a simple thing, all the Kardashians are comfortable with their kids expressing their own, unique style from day one. While this may occasionally lead to the ridiculous look or two (hello, matching mermaids!), they clearly know from experience that a family that can be themselves together is a family that sticks together.

And if that sometimes means their kids imitate their parents, at least the parents know how to laugh at themselves!

5. They really are obsessed with their kids

It takes a certain level of obsession with your kids to think, “The whole world will want to watch them 24/7, right?” But in truth, the Kardashian babies receive a lot of love from their big, loud, glamorous family.

Much more important than any parenting theory or fad is that your kid receives a whole lot of unconditional love and acceptance. If the Kardashians can teach us anything, it’s that no matter what your family’s drama is, sticking together and loving each other makes life — and parenting — worth everything.

Lindsey Dodge Gudritz is a writer and mom. She lives with her on-the-move family in Michigan (for now). She’s been published in The Huffington Post, The Detroit News, Sex and the State, and the Independent Women's Forum blog. Her family blog can be found at