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It’s never before been this convenient to shop online for prescription eyeglasses. Online eyewear retailers provide endless options for you to consider, including selections from high-end brands like Versace.

Founded in 1978, Versace is an Italian fashion brand that produces luxury apparel, accessories, eyewear, and fragrances. You can buy prescription Versace eyewear from several online retailers and optical stores.

Read on to learn more about Versace eyeglasses, where to buy them, and the brand’s reputation.

Versace offers a range of prescription eyeglasses in men’s and women’s styles.

Their eyeglasses are handcrafted in Italy using high quality, durable materials like cellulose acetate, stainless steel, and titanium. Most of the glasses are embellished with the well-known gold Versace logo on the frames or temples.

Versace produces a variety of frame styles to flatter various face shapes. For example, they offer cat eye, round, and oval frames, which may be ideal for offsetting angular, sharp features. On the other hand, rectangle, square, and geometric frames may add structure and definition to softer facial features.

Versace frames are available with single-vision, bifocal, progressive, and reader lenses at most eyeglass retailers. Extra blue-light-blocking, photochromic, and polarized lens coatings are also available.

Note that if you have a strong or complicated prescription, some frames may not be suitable for you.

Before ordering eyeglasses, you’ll need a valid eyewear prescription.

Eye exams

Some retailers that sell Versace frames may offer an eye exam, while others may require you to obtain your prescription elsewhere.

Know that an online exam shouldn’t take the place of a comprehensive in-person eye exam with an optometrist.

The American Optometric Association advises that you get an annual comprehensive eye exam to test for vision, assess eye health, and detect early signs of non-eye-related conditions. They warn against online vision tests, which may provide inaccurate or misleading information.

Pupillary distance

Before ordering Versace — or any other — eyeglasses, it’s a good idea to have an optometrist measure your pupillary distance (PD). This number ensures your glasses offer the best visual quality and fit your face.

Note that the PD isn’t part of your prescription and usually isn’t included unless you request it.

Selecting the right frames

An optometrist can help you select eyeglasses that suit your face shape and prescription lens needs.

For example, it’s important to choose comfortable frames with the correct size, weight, and fit. This helps ensure that you look through the correct areas of the lenses, which prevents headaches and vision issues.

Versace eyeglasses range in price from around $125 to $400.

You’ll pay more for extras, such as progressive lenses, lens coatings, or stronger prescriptions.

You can buy Versace eyeglasses at several authorized online retailers and optical stores. These include:


GlassesUSA offers a selection of Versace eyeglasses and options for lens index, tints, and coatings. They also offer Versace prescription sunglasses. GlassesUSA provides a virtual try-on option so you can see how you’ll look in new eyewear.

GlassesUSA offers free shipping and returns, a money-back guarantee, and a 365-day warranty on all eyewear purchases.


LensCrafters lets you shop Versace eyeglasses online or in-store. They also have a range of Versace prescription sunglasses.

LensCrafters provides free ground shipping within the United States, as well as unlimited cleanings and adjustments.

They also offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, allowing you to return or replace your glasses within 30 days. You can purchase a 1-year extended warranty that covers repairs.

With a range of Versace eyeglasses to choose from, offers a virtual try-on feature and provides excellent customer service to provide a smooth shopping experience. They also offer Versace prescription sunglasses. provides free standard shipping within the United States and Canada. You can return your frames within 30 days for a full refund. To exchange frames, you must pay a $15 shipping and processing fee.

You can return frames with custom lenses and receive a full refund on the frames and a 50 percent refund on the lenses. To exchange frames with custom lenses, a 50 percent refund of the lens cost will be credited toward a new set of lenses.


FramesDirect offers a range of Versace eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses. They have a virtual try-on tool that helps you find the right fit.

FramesDirect offers free shipping to all contiguous 48 United States. For all eyewear purchases, they also provide a one-time 30-day exchange policy. For returns, they provide a full refund minus 50 percent of the lens price. Note that if you make an exchange or return, you’re expected to pay the cost of shipping.

Versace isn’t Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited. This accreditation is voluntary, but it can demonstrate that a company prioritizes fair and transparent handling of customer complaints.

They also have a poor D- BBB rating, as they have failed to reply to 16 customer complaints on the BBB site. These complaints express concerns around delivery issues, defective products, and poor customer service.

What’s more, Versace has a poor Trustpilot rating: 1.8 out of 5 stars with more than 130 reviews.

On Trustpilot, customers complain of poor customer service and low quality products. Several reviews report that the Versace logo fell off their products, while others complain that their glasses broke easily.

Versace eyeglasses pros

  • made in Italy
  • constructed using high quality materials
  • lightweight with a comfortable fit
  • sturdy, durable design
  • classy, flattering designs that suit a range of styles
  • available at several eyewear retailers

Versace eyeglasses cons

  • high price point
  • poor customer service
  • designs may not suit your personal style

If you’re looking for high quality, fashion forward eyeglasses, there are several other brands to consider. Here are a few options:

Designed by one of the top luxury fashion brands worldwide, Versace eyeglasses are a stylish, sophisticated addition to your optical wardrobe. While they cost more, their price is comparable to that of other designer brands.

Versace doesn’t have an outstanding reputation in terms of consumer satisfaction or customer service. But you can purchase Versace eyeglasses from an authorized retailer that provides their own customer service, return policy, and warranty, which may enhance your overall experience.

Versace eyeglasses are worth it if they fall within your budget and if you’re looking for signature frames to create either a chic, understated look or a bold, polished look.

If you’re not convinced that the quality of Versace eyeglasses matches their price or if they’re out of your budget, there are plenty of other options available. Several brands offer similar frames to suit a variety of budgets.

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