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Eating vegan no longer means settling for a side dish as your main course. The internet has rained down delicious, creative recipes from inspiring vegan chefs. Perhaps that’s one reason why more people are embracing vegan living. And so many more occasionally eliminate animal products a la “meatless Mondays.”

Going vegan has several perks. You may choose the diet to reduce your environmental impact or advocate for ethical animal treatment. Or you might forego dairy, meat, and byproducts to improve your physical health. If you do decide to go vegan, make sure you consult with a health professional for information and meal planning advice to help you meet key nutritional needs, such as iron and calcium intake.

And in the meantime, these video recipes will satisfy your hunger as you venture into new cooking territory. You might find they’re the crème de la crème of vegan eats — nondairy crème, of course!

The Best Creamy Basil Avocado Kale Dip Ever!

There’s good reason millennials stereotypically love avocados. They’re delicious and packed with nutritional benefits like healthy fats and fiber. This dip from Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram will give you your avocado fix. And it promises to be so yummy, you may forget it’s actually healthy. Carrillo-Bucaram also recommends thinning it with water to use as a dressing.

5-Minute Vegan Meals: Crazy Easy Vegan Recipes in Minutes

Jenné Claiborne debunks the myth that it takes hours to cook healthy vegan meals. Her 5-minute recipes pack a ton of nutrients, color, and balance into each meal. Claiborne embraces practical prep with her premade ingredient recommendations, adding a new take on “fast food.” Try one of her enticing dishes the next time you need a quick bite.

Indian Curry Sauces 3 Ways

Indian cuisine is not only delicious, but incredibly flexible! Tons of delish Indian dishes are easy to modify if they’re not already vegetarian or vegan. This episode from The Happy Pear highlights three vegan curry sauces to spice up your meal. The comments section proves these recipes are new faves with viewers. Watch the video to see how they’re prepared and then grab the written recipes to try yourself.

Vegan Meal Plan For Maximum Weight Loss #1

More than 4 million people have watched Hannah Howlett’s inspiring weight loss journey. Ditching a lifetime of crash diets, alcohol, and drugs, Howlett researched how to make healthy eating work for her. Instead of deprivation and regimented eating, she embraced whole foods, which meant cutting out processed ingredients, oils, flours, and refined sugars. She created this series to share her recipes for weight loss and help others on their journey to getting healthier. In this video, Howlett presents tasty meals, snacks, and dessert to kickstart your goals from day one.

Best Vegan Pesto Recipes: 3 Different Flavors

Alyssa Rimmer asserts that pesto goes with everything. And we’re not ones to argue after watching this video! To start, she makes a traditional pesto, using nutritional yeast as a cheese substitute. Then she blends up a sundried tomato pesto and an avocado version that’s oil-free. Why not make a few batches of your favorite to freeze for when that next craving strikes?

DIY In-N-Out Burger Animal Style Fries: Make it Vegan Monday

In-N-Out is a local-loved California burger chain. Those in the know might order their meal “animal style,” a “secret” upgrade from the chain’s limited menu. Sadly, this cheesy, saucy twist leaves those who don’t consume animal products hungry. But lucky for vegans, The Edgy Veg comes to the rescue with a vegan-friendly version of In-N-Out’s animal style fries. They might just have you switching over from the fast food chain for good!

What I Eat In A Day + Healthy Vegan Food Haul

It’s easy to gush about your absolute fave foods. But Amanda Castillo’s joy is palpable as she shares her grocery haul. She uses these ingredients to make vegan meals for a day: an acai bowl, Vietnamese spring rolls, and vegan pad thai. Her vibrant dishes that tempt the taste buds will have you taking notes for your next grocery list.

Weekly Vegan Meal Prep for Back to School

Who doesn’t want a delish diet that’s good for your health, your budget, and your busy schedule? In this video by Cheap Lazy Vegan, Rose Lee challenges herself to eat for five days on a budget of $20 Canadian dollars. Opting for sale and value-brand items, she stretched her budget and upped the nutritional content. Lee repeats meals throughout the week, but proves it’s possible to eat vegan — and healthy meals! — on a shoestring budget.

Vegan BBQ Beans with Tahini Sauce

Inspired by a meal he enjoyed in Israel, Kevin Curry mixes tahini, a sesame seed-based sauce with his southern-style cooking. Curry says adding sweet flavors — like the maple syrup in his recipe — transforms an otherwise bitter tahini into a decadent treat. Plus, beans are good for your heart and an excellent source of nutrients, so there’s really nothing not to love about this recipe.