Vaginal suppositories are a form of medication that is inserted into the vagina. It is absorbed faster than oral medication and may be preferable for medications that need to work fast. Here are tips for how to use them.

Vaginal suppositories are solid medications that are inserted into the vagina with a special applicator. The body absorbs drugs from vaginal suppositories quickly. They work faster than medications you take by mouth. This is because suppositories melt inside the body and absorb directly into the bloodstream.

In addition to the suppository, you’ll need soap, water, and a towel. You may also want sanitary napkins.

You can use these instructions to give yourself a vaginal suppository. If you’re a caregiver, you can also use these steps to give a suppository to another person.


  1. Wash your vaginal area and hands with mild soap and warm water, and dry well with a clean towel.
  2. Remove any wrapping from the suppository.
  3. Place the suppository onto the end of the applicator. If you’re using a pre-filled suppository applicator, skip this step. A pre-filled applicator already contains medication.
  4. Hold the applicator by the end that does not contain the suppository.

Inserting the suppository

  1. Get into position. You can either lie on your back with your knees bent, or you can stand with your knees bent and your feet a few inches apart. If you’re a caregiver, the first position may be best for your patient or loved one.
  2. Gently insert the applicator into the vagina as far as it will comfortably go.
  3. Press the applicator’s plunger as far as it goes. This will push the suppository far back into your vagina.
  4. Remove the applicator from your vagina.

Finishing up

  1. If the applicator is reusable, clean it as directed by the package instructions. If it’s not reusable, throw it away into a trash can.
  2. Throw away all other used material.
  3. Wash your hands right away with soap and warm water.
  • Vaginal suppositories can leak, so they’re more convenient to use at bedtime. You can wear a sanitary napkin to help protect your bed linens or clothing.
  • It may help to dip the suppository in water quickly before using it. This can make it easier to insert.
  • To keep your suppositories from melting before use, store them in a cool place. Keep them in the refrigerator if the medication label says to do so.
  • Use the medication for as long as directed by your doctor or by the product instructions.
  • You can use a vaginal suppository during your period.
  • Don’t use tampons when using a vaginal suppository. Tampons can absorb some of the medication. This can prevent the suppository from working well.

These steps should make it easy and painless to insert a vaginal suppository. If you have questions or if you’re having trouble inserting a suppository, talk with your doctor or pharmacist.