Living with ulcerative colitis (UC) can be frustrating, challenging, and sometimes limiting. But with the right care, UC can be managed and people living with it can get back to the things they love to do.

Brian and Joseph have trained to run the Savannah Half Marathon despite their UC diagnosis. Here they share their stories and their motivation to run to raise awareness and funds for UC research.

“I decided to run the Savannah Half Marathon because that struck me as a great opportunity to raise money and awareness and beat the hell out of this disease.” — Brian Schlosser

“Running with Team Challenge, and even though I may be running by myself for a good portion of the race, but seeing other people in the same orange jerseys, I know I’m not alone.” — Joseph Carrotta

“For me, completing this race is a chance to demonstrate to others that you do not need to be afraid of this disease, and you do not ever need to let it limit anything you can do.”

“For 2011 I was kind of running for myself, and in 2018 I’m running for my wife. I’m running for my girls… It just drives me, every single day, to fundraise harder, to run harder, to have this conversation and get the word out there that colitis does exist and we need support.”