Living with type 2 diabetes is a full-time job. As with any job, after a few years at it, you become an expert. That means you’ve often got to do a lot of explaining to people who don’t know what it’s like to live with a chronic illness.

Here are 10 things only an experienced person with type 2 diabetes would understand.

1. No, you’re not going on vacation. That extra bag is to lug around all of your gear — like your blood sugar meter, insulin, syringes, snacks, etc.

2. Every meal is like a math test. How many carbs are on your plate, and how much insulin do you need to balance them out?

3. No matter how under control you think your diabetes is, something — stress, an illness, or an unexpected dinner out — will inevitably come along to throw it off.

4. You don’t have measles or a skin disease. Those red spots on your belly are from constantly having to change your insulin injection site.

5. Yes, you still have diabetes. Just because you “don’t look sick” at the moment doesn’t mean you’re disease-free.

6. You know every hair, freckle, and line on your feet by heart because you have to check them daily for injuries you might not feel due to nerve damage.

7. Nothing interrupts a romantic moment like having to test your blood sugar, but it’s either that or pass out in the middle of sex.

8. You are allowed to eat sweets in moderation. Everyone needs to lay off the evil stares every time you take a bite of a cookie!

9. Diabetes isn’t responsible for everything that’s wrong with you. People with diabetes can get colds, stomach bugs, and other illnesses too.

10. When you say, “I’m high,” it’s totally not what everyone thinks you mean.