Parenting isn’t easy, and there isn’t a manual for raising a child with type 1 diabetes. Here are some helpful tips, tricks, and suggestions from other parents of type 1 diabetes kids that may help you along the way.

"My tolerance for the disease ebbs and flows like everything else in life. Some days I can think about it all day long and my psyche isn’t affected. Other days, I rebel against it. Pretending it isn’t important. Refusing to give it the power it demands while it sits on the throne of my boys’ well being."

Meri Schuhmacher, Our Diabetic Life; mother of four sons, three of whom have type 1 diabetes


"The dad must be able to do all the D-care too. If he’s slow, fumbles through it, speeds through like a pro, sweats profusely, none of that matters — he's getting it done. That’s what counts, he's doing it! Don't complain or criticize if he gets it done. Some of the biggest heroes in championship history were role players."

Tim Brand, Bleedingfinger Blog; father of three girls, two of whom have type 1 diabetes


"As soon as you know who your child’s teacher is going to be, set up a meeting. We feel it’s important to meet with the teacher before the year begins. You might want to include the school nurse and the special area teachers in this meeting."

Hallie Addington, The Princess and the Pump; mother of one daughter with type 1 diabetes


"The first thing I did was make up a file with all the paperwork that I was given from the hospital. There was so much stuff handed to us to read up on, it was crazy. Soon as I got home, I put all of this into a file so if I needed to refer to anything, I knew where it all was. To be honest, I rarely look at this now as we’ve come a long way, but we still have the file."

Carolyn, Chasing Carbs; mother of one son with type 1 diabetes