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A comprehensive review of the Tuft & Needle Original versus Mint versus Hybrid mattresses. See which bed is best for your specific situation.

  • Tuft & Needle mattresses come with free shipping. The beds will arrive shrink-wrapped in a medium-sized box.
  • The company offers consumers a 100-night risk-free sleep trial. This means you can sleep on the mattress for 3 months before deciding whether to return it or not.
  • The Mint mattress has a 12-inch foam construction, while the Original Tuft & Needle mattress has a 10-inch foam design. The Tuft & Needle Hybrid is 12 inches thick and incorporates two distinct layers of coils.
  • All three mattresses use the company’s proprietary T&N Adaptive Foam for their comfort layers. As a result, the beds have what we consider to be a standard foam feel.
  • The Mint mattress is a tad bit softer, which is more ideal for side sleepers. The Original Tuft & Needle and Tuft & Needle Hybrid mattresses are slightly firmer, which is typically better for back and stomach sleepers.
  • The Original Tuft & Needle is considered a budget online mattress. The price of the Mint mattress is considered about average for the bed-in-a-box industry. Lastly, the Tuft & Needle Hybrid is priced just above the industry average.
  • The two all-foam mattresses are best for people with lower or moderate body weight. People with higher body weight are better off sticking with the Tuft & Needle Hybrid.

Tuft & Needle mattresses are good for:

  • shoppers who want an affordable foam mattress
  • all types of sleepers, including back, stomach, and side


  • free shipping and returns
  • 100-night trial period
  • 10-year warranty
  • made in the United States

The Original mattress is best for a budget price point

The Original Tuft & Needle is sort of known in the industry as the quintessential budget bed-in-a-box. Simply put, all six sizes T&N offers are extremely affordable. Here’s the pricing breakdown in terms of MSRP:

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$395
Full $495
Cal King$750

Given the bed is already inexpensive, Tuft & Needle doesn’t regularly run sales on its flagship mattress. However, we’ve seen them offer discounts during special holiday periods in the past.

As such, you might want to check current pricing using the green box at the top of the screen to see whether it’s your lucky day.

Less expensive alternative

If the Tuft & Needle mattress is a little out of your price range, you may be interested in Tuft & Needle’s Amazon-exclusive mattress called Nod.

This bed is slightly thinner but has a similar standard foam feel and accommodates a variety of sleeper types.

The next step up

If you’re seeking a slightly more premium bed, we’d recommend checking out the Nest Bedding Alexander Signature mattress. This bed is double-sided and flippable, offers consumers multiple firmness profiles, and has a similar moderate foam feel.

2-layer foam construction

The Tuft & Needle mattress has a very simple construction. All in all, the bed is made up of just two foam layers and totals 10 inches thick.

For the base layer, the bed uses a thick slab of dense support foam. For the comfort layer, the company uses its proprietary T&N Adaptive Foam.

It’s also worth noting the foams used in the mattress are CertiPUR-US certified. All this means is that the foams don’t contain harmful chemicals and emit less than 0.5 parts per million VOCs. The mattress is also GREENGUARD and Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certified.

Feel and firmness analysis

Thanks to the special top layer of T&N Adaptive Foam, the mattress has what we consider to be a standard foam feel. In other terms, the top layer toes the line between memory foam and latex foam.

It’s soft and comfortable (common characteristics of memory foam), but it’s also reactive (common characteristic of latex foam). We’ve found that most consumers like beds that have a standard foam feel.

At the end of the day, if you just want a bed that’s not overly controversial in regard to feel, the Original Tuft & Needle bed is a safe pick.

Moving on to firmness, we’d rate the flagship Tuft & Needle bed at around a 4.5 to 5.5 on the firmness scale. When you first unbox the mattress, it feels a little firm at first, but it does soften over time.

Tuft & Needle designed this bed to please the masses, so it should come as no shock it lands smack dab in the middle of the firmness scale.

The company wanted to create a mattress that lands at the intersection of comfort and support, and that’s exactly what it did.

Keep in mind, firmness is a very subjective topic. How firm or soft a bed feels largely depends on your body type, size, and weight. People with lower body weight generally think most beds feel firm given they don’t place much pressure on the top layers of the mattress.

On the other hand, people with higher body weight typically think most beds feel soft since they place more pressure on the surface of the bed.

Appropriate sleeper types

As we mentioned above, Tuft & Needle designed this mattress to please the general population. The bed overall is supportive but also offers a decent amount of pressure point compression. As such, we think all types of sleepers will find the mattress accommodating.

Quick note regarding body size

Considering the bed is only 10 inches thick and made up of just two foam layers, we don’t think it’s the best option for people with higher body weight.

For the most part, hybrid and innerspring beds are preferable for this group, given coils are stronger and longer lasting compared to foundational support foams (like that on the T&N mattress).

original tuft and needle mattress reviewShare on Pinterest
A little more support with the Original Tuft & Needle mattress.

With that said, if you have a lower or moderate body weight, we think the Tuft & Needle mattress will suffice just fine. It’s these body sizes that the mattress is designed for.

Sleeping temperature

In our opinion, the original Tuft & Needle mattress sleeps temperature-even. This means the bed doesn’t sleep warm or particularly cool.

Instead, other factors like where you live, if you like to cuddle, or what type of comforter you use will be more of a determinant of how hot or cold you sleep.

Motion suppression

One of the positive attributes of all-foam beds is that they have very little bounce (no coils). As such, all-foam beds for the most part do a good job of dampening motion.

Luckily, the Tuft & Needle mattress holds true in this regard. If you share a mattress, we don’t envision you consistently waking up as a result of your partner’s movements.

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Testing motion transfer on Tuft & Needle Original.

Perimeter support

The Tuft & Needle mattress gets an average grade in this department. It’s not bad by any means, but it’s also nothing to get excited about.

All in all, if you plan on sharing your T&N bed but like to have your own space, you’ll notice a little bit of compression around the edges, but it’s nothing to be overly concerned with.

See more details about the Tuft & Needle Original mattress.

Tuft & Needle Original mattress review

Tuft & Needle mattresses are good for:

  • shoppers seeking a comfortable, soft foam mattress
  • side sleepers who need extra pressure relief


  • free shipping and returns
  • 100-night trial period
  • 10-year warranty
  • made in the United States

Check best price

Mint is more expensive but still affordable

The Mint is Tuft & Needle’s premium foam mattress. As you would expect, it’s more expensive than the Original T&N bed, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s actually fairly priced.

It’s in the same range as other popular bed-in-a-box mattresses like Purple, Leesa, and Casper. Here’s how the Mint breaks down in terms of MSRP by size:

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$645
Cal King$1,145

Plus, when it comes to the Mint mattress, Tuft & Needle is a little more liberal in terms of coupon codes and sales. The company regularly offers $50 to $150 off the bed.

Sometimes T&N will even toss in free pillows with your mattress purchase. It really just depends on the time of year. Be sure to check the green discount box above to see the current promotion.

Cheaper alternative

For a lot of folks, the Mint mattress may just be a little too expensive. If that’s the case, check out the Brooklyn Bedding Bowery mattress. This bed has a similar soft, moderate foam feel and is a couple hundred dollars cheaper (after discount).

More premium option

If you have money to spend and you’re looking for a more luxurious option, check out the Brentwood Home Oceano mattress. This bed uses natural and organic materials and has a soft, pillow top feel that’s great for side sleepers.

Mint mattress construction

The construction of the Mint mattress is similar to the Original model except it adds an extra layer. To be specific, the mattress adds a soft transition layer between the support foam bottom layer and T&N Adaptive foam top layer.

We should also mention that Tuft & Needle slightly tweaked the top layer of T&N Adaptive Foam to be a tad bit softer on the Mint mattress. Additionally, Tuft & Needle also added 30 percent more graphite and gel beads to help with temperature control.

All in all, the Tuft & Needle Mint mattress totals 12 inches thick, which for those of you who already forgot (or skipped the first section of this review), is 2 inches more than the Original model.

Lastly, we’d just like to add that the Mint also holds the same certifications as the Original model.

What does the Mint mattress feel like?

Like the Original T&N bed, the Mint mattress has a moderate (or standard) foam feel. After all, both beds use the same type of foam for the top layer.

However, the Mint mattress is a little softer than the Original model. We’d rate it right around a 3 to 5, depending, of course, on your weight and body type.

Who the Mint mattress is best for

Given the firmness rating of the bed and it’s plush nature, we think the Mint mattress is tailor-made for side sleepers. The bed allows for ample compression around the pressure points of side sleepers.

In fact, we’d feel comfortable stating that the Mint mattress is one of the best beds for side sleepers on the market, period.

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The Tuft & Needle Mint is a great option for side sleepers.

Combination sleepers (folks who rotate between their side, back, and stomach) will find the bed comfortable as well. However, we’d recommend that if you spend more than 50 to 60 percent of the night either on your back or stomach, consider a firmer mattress.

Typically, dominant back and stomach sleepers prefer firmer mattresses that provide a little more support under their lower back and core.

Although the Mint and Original models are different mattresses, they do overlap in several areas.

Appropriate body types

Although the Mint mattress is 12 inches thick, it’s still made entirely of foam, which means people with higher body weight will most likely want to look elsewhere for their mattress needs.

Sleeping temperature

We give the Mint mattress a temperature-even designation despite the fact the company includes an increased amount of graphite and gel beads in the top layer.

Ultimately, we just wouldn’t consider the bed a cooling mattress. To be fair, we don’t think you’ll sleep particularly warm either.

Again, factors in your sleep environment will be more important than the mattress itself if you’re worried about sleeping too warm or too cool.

Motion suppression and perimeter support

The Mint mattress gets the same grades as the Original model in these departments. The mattress stifles motion well and provides adequate support around the edges.

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Improved edge support with the Mint mattress.

See more details about the Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress.

Tuft & Needle Mint mattress review

By now, you hopefully have a much better understanding of what the two foam beds from Tuft & Needle bring to the table. The next logical question, though, is how the two mattresses compare against each other.

Specifically, why would one buy the Mint over the Original and vice versa? Well, in our opinion, the purchase decision between the two beds really comes down to three primary factors.


If you consider yourself a budget shopper, the Original Tuft & Needle mattress is the way to go. The price difference between the two beds ranges anywhere from $200 to $500, depending on size.


The decision here is pretty simple. If you prefer soft or plush beds, the Mint mattress is the clear winner. If you prefer a slightly firmer mattress, the Original model should be your mattress of choice.

Side sleepers

This point somewhat relates to the previous one. Bottom line: If you mainly sleep on your side, we think you’ll appreciate how well the Mint mattress alleviates pressure.

In fact, we think the Mint mattress is one of the top-rated beds for side sleepers on the market. To be fair, though, we think the Original T&N bed accommodates side sleepers as well.

However, if pressed, we’d definitely give the edge to the Mint in this regard.

Those are the three big deciding factors. It ultimately comes down to your budget and how much time you spend sleeping on your side.

Tuft & Needle launched its first hybrid mattress in late 2019 to primarily compete against the popular Leesa Hybrid and Casper Hybrid mattresses. In our opinion, it’s the best overall mattress that Tuft & Needle offers.

Premium price point

Although Tuft & Needle has built a reputation for being a budget mattress brand, its hybrid mattress deviates from that sentiment. The bed is priced about $300 to $500 more than the average bed-in-a-box.

However, when set side by side against its main competitors, its price tag suddenly seems more reasonable.

The price of the mattress lands between the Casper Hybrid and Leesa Hybrid. You’re looking at anywhere from $900 to $1,750, depending on the size you want.

Again, though, you might want to check the green box on your screen to see whether there’s a discount currently being offered.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$995
Cal King$1,745

Tuft & Needle Hybrid mattress design

The Tuft & Needle Hybrid is by far the company’s most sophisticated and luxurious mattress. The bed is made up of six different layers that total 12 inches thick.

Here’s a quick synopsis of each layer, starting from the bottom:

  • Support foam: the bottom foundation layer for the bed
  • 6-inch pocketed coils: the true support framework for the mattress
  • T&N Adaptive Foam: acts as a soft transition layer in the mattress
  • 1-inch transition micro-coils: adds an element of responsive support near the surface
  • T&N Adaptive Foam: the proper comfort layer for the mattress
  • Open-cell foam pillow top: adds even more comfort for the sleeper

It’s also worth noting that Tuft & Needle infuses the top two layers of the bed with a couple different materials to help with durability and temperature buildup.

First, the pillow top comes equipped with carbon fiber-infused foam, which is supposed to extend the life of the mattress. The other two materials that the top two layers use is graphite and gel-beads. These are supposed to help move heat away from your body.

Lastly, like the two other Tuft & Needle beds, the Hybrid mattress is CertiPUR-US, GREENGUARD, and Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certified. In other words, all Tuft & Needle mattresses are safe to sleep on.

Ideal bed for people with higher body weight

Considering the Tuft & Needle Hybrid uses multiple layers of coils, it’s the best mattress out of the three for people with higher body weight.

Coils provide more support and are typically more durable than dense foundation foams, which is important for this group since they apply more pressure on beds compared to people with lower or moderate body weight.

Feel, firmness, and sleeper type analysis

As far as feel, the Tuft & Needle Hybrid is similar to the Original and Mint models in that it has a moderate foam feel. This shouldn’t be a big surprise, though, considering all three beds use the company’s proprietary T&N Adaptive Foam.

However, the quilted pillow top on the bed does make the Tuft & Needle Hybrid feel slightly different. In short, the pillow top gives the mattress a small inkling of memory foam.

Clearly, as you saw in the construction section, the bed doesn’t actually contain any memory foam. All we’re simply stating is that the pillow top does somewhat form to your body, almost like memory foam.

Moving on to firmness, we think the Hybrid is similar to the Original model in that it lands around a medium (~5) on the firmness scale.

The bed is supportive, yet the T&N Adaptive Foam and pillow top blend together to form a forgiving and pressure-alleviating surface that’s very comfortable. Accordingly, we’d recommend the Hybrid to all types of sleepers.

Last discussion points

We give the Hybrid a temperature-even rating, just like the other two Tuft & Needle beds. Although the company likes to market the graphite and gel-beads infused in the top layers of the bed, we just didn’t notice that it actively cooled us down.

With that said, we don’t think you have to worry about overheating on this bed, either, unless of course you live in Arizona and refuse to turn on your air conditioner.

Next, as you saw above, the Hybrid mattress uses two separate layers of coils, so it’s naturally going to have a little more bounce than the Original and Mint beds.

This means the Hybrid isn’t going to be as good as the others at suppressing motion. Still, the bed actually performed decently well in this regard. We don’t envision couples who toss and turn or move around a lot experiencing any significant issues.

On the positive side, the Tuft & Needle Hybrid provides strong support around its perimeter. Again, this is a big plus for couples who split a smaller-sized mattress.

It’s difficult to nitpick the Tuft & Needle Hybrid. It provides sleepers pretty much everything they need.

The dual layers of coils provide ample support, and the Adaptive Foam/pillow top combination is extremely comfortable, making it a great option for all types of sleepers.

To be quite frank, the only unfavorable aspect about this bed is its price tag. If you’re on a tight budget, there are cheaper hybrid mattresses available.

However, if you’re willing to spend a little more, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more accommodating hybrid bed.

The decision between the Tuft & Needle Hybrid versus Mint versus Original is actually quite simple. It really just boils down to three main factors: your budget, your firmness preference, and your body weight.

To keep things short, if you’re working with a limited amount of money, the Original Tuft & Needle is your best bet.

Next, if you prefer softer beds, we’d recommend the Mint mattress.

Lastly, if you have a higher body weight, we think the Hybrid is the way to go.

How did RIZKNOWS get the Tuft & Needle mattresses?

The company sent us these beds for free so we could test them. Please note we are an independent review site. This means the opinions, recommendations, and thoughts shared in this review belong solely to RIZKNOWS.

Can you tell me more about Tuft & Needle from a company perspective?

Tuft & Needle was launched in 2012 by Daehee Park and John Thomas Marino in Phoenix, Arizona. After several years of explosive growth, the company was acquired by Serta Simmons Bedding in 2018.

How do I contact the company if I have questions?

There are several ways to get in touch with Tuft & Needle. First, you can email the company using its online contact form. Second, you can chat with a customer service representative using the online portal on the company’s website. Lastly, you can call the company at 877-842-2586.

Where can I find Tuft & Needle mattresses?

Tuft & Needle beds are available for purchase on the company’s website and select Walmart, Lowe’s, and Crate & Barrel stores.

Does Tuft & Needle sell products other than mattresses?

Yes, the company sells a variety of bedding products, including sheets, duvets, pillows, and mattress protectors. It also sells a number of bed frames.

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