Finding your own personal truth in life is no easy feat. That’s why Danielle LaPorte is all about preaching self-love as a path to truth. Among her many fans are actress Shailene Woodley and Oprah, who made LaPorte a member of her SuperSoul 100.

LaPorte’s new book, White Hot Truth, shares her story and firsthand experience of transforming her life. By sharing her own rocky road to self-discovery, the author and motivational speaker has struck a chord with tens of thousands of followers.

We’re sharing a week’s worth of Danielle’s signature #truthbombs to get you started discovering your own white hot truth!

Monday mantra: Your body is a miracle.


Tuesday truth: Compassion is so often the truth.

Wednesday wisdom: Keep statistics away from your dreams.

Thursday thoughts: We all require heaping doses of tenderness.

Friday fact: Too much analysis can create paralysis.

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