Shailene Woodley's Self-Help Guru Puts the Focus on Healinga

Written by the Healthline Editorial Team on May 10, 2017
Danielle LaPorte truthbombs

Words are powerful. They can hurt and heal. They can inform and transform. Danielle LaPorte is a master at spinning words (aka #truthbombs) that offer inspiration and spiritual insights. The celebrated author and self-love guru has just released White Hot Truth, a must-read for anyone on the road to self-discovery.

Enjoy a week’s worth of Danielle’s personal #truthbombs to get you started on finding your own truth — and happiness.

Monday mantra: Focus on healing.

Tuesday truth: Giving is the antidote to emptiness.

Wednesday wisdom: Inner attunement over outer attainment.

Thursday thoughts: Interrupt anxiety with gratitude.

Friday fact: Joy is an indicator of deep wellness.

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