Making the decision to have a full knee replacement shouldn’t come lightly. Understanding the intricacies of both the surgery and recovery is important.

The best place to find that kind of information is from healthcare experts and the people who have experienced it firsthand. That’s what we looked for in compiling this year’s list of best knee replacement blogs — resources that educate, inspire, and empower.


BoneSmart offers advocacy for people considering, undergoing, or recovering from knee replacement surgeries. Articles and FAQs on the blog cover all aspects of the surgery, including success rates, risks of delaying surgery, practical considerations, and other important topics.

Booktoots’ Healing

Marie Buckner, aka Booktoots, started her blog following her own total knee replacement. It was a time when she felt isolated in her experience, so she started writing about it. The result is a strong, supportive community with over 500,000 readers who share their different perspectives and useful information.

Knee Pain Blog

On the Knee Pain Blog on Knee Pain Explained, you’ll find videos and information about knee pain causes and treatments, relevant product reviews, links to recommended products, and articles of interest relating to all aspects of knee pain. Browse posts from expert contributors, Q&As, and personal stories from people on the other side of knee replacement surgery.

My Knee Replacement Recovery

For years, Ken Stangl put off having knee replacement surgery, despite the decreasing functionality and increasing pain in his knee. As he scoured the web for information about knee replacements, he found one perspective lacking: personal stories about what it’s like to go through a total knee replacement. With that in mind, Ken decided to start this blog and document his journey from preparation to recovery. On his site, visitors will find informative posts about every step of going through a total knee replacement.

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