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With severe knee pain, even daily activities like walking or sitting can feel impossible. Still, when it’s time to fix the problem, hearing the words “total knee replacement” can be intimidating. Naturally, you’ll want to gather all the information you can.

Whether you’re deciding if surgery is right for you, preparing for surgery, or recovering from surgery, we found the best informational blogs to guide you through the journey of total knee replacement.



If you’re looking for some background knowledge, like knee anatomy or injury risks, this blog is a good resource. It uses a straightforward, clinical tone that’s easy to understand. It covers the basics, like which knee conditions exist, to the nitty-gritty, like defining treatment types. There’s advice for how to prep for knee replacement surgery, procedure overview, and what to expect. You can even participate in a forum specific to knee replacement surgery to ask questions or learn about others’ experiences.

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Arthritis Connect

Living with arthritic pain may feel like an internal battle. You don’t have to face it alone. This blog provides a social network to talk with others living with arthritis. You can learn about treatments, read product recommendations, and share your personal story. Some blog post topics include the emotional impact of chronic conditions, how to exercise with arthritis, and ways to communicate your needs. In the forum section, you’ll find discussions around living with arthritis, coping with pain, and managing symptoms.

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Dr. William Barrett’s Joint Replacement Blog

Dr. Barrett is an orthopedic surgeon and medical director for the Joint Center at Valley Medical Center in Renton, Washington. Some of his latest posts include reviewing research about how smoking impacts joint replacement surgery, discharging patients who live alone, and outpatient versus inpatient hip replacement. This blog is a good resource for those wanting tested medical research to help inform them about factors around joint replacement.

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Orthopedic Advice from Verywell

Here you’ll find blog posts from orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Cluett. His blog uses a conversational tone to break down your orthopedic concerns. He addresses both medical and lifestyle factors to give a comprehensive overview of knee injuries and treatment. Some recent post topics include common knee pain causes, microfracture surgery, or postoperative blood clot prevention. If you want information outside of just your knee, you’ll find articles covering an array of topics, like sport injuries, broken bones, sprains, rehabilitation, and arthritis.

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BoneSmart is dedicated to knee and hip replacement awareness and patient advocacy. It’s here to help you make an informed decision. You’ll find articles to help you each step of the way, from deciding if surgery is right for you and surgery prep to implant type and postoperative recovery. This widespread guide is easy to understand. Medical terms are all defined and explained.

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Booktoots’ Healing

Marie Buckner had a total knee replacement surgery in 2008. To help others going through the same concerns, she now shares her recuperation process and past experiences. You’ll read personal and insightful posts that give a human touch to understanding the process. Some of her recent article topics include postoperative exercises, signs you need surgery, and dealing with nerve damage.

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Total Knee Replacement at MedicineNet.com

If you’re looking for personal stories to help understand total knee replacement surgery, this blog has you covered. You’ll find the answers to all of your questions from this community, like “What was the cause of you needing a total knee replacement?” or “Please describe your total knee replacement experience.” These candid comments share both people’s personal struggles and successes to help you further learn what to expect. This blog also has informative articles about total knee replacement surgery for a deeper understanding of the procedure.

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Robin’s Total Knee Replacement

Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, Robin underwent not one, but two knee replacements and two hip replacements. Through her blog, she shares her personal experience and gives tips for others. She even has complied external research links and made a “Knee Tips” document filled with tips and commentary from her forum. You’ll find a list of what to ask the doctor and a checklist of what to bring to the hospital. Robin’s open and honest blog gives an in-depth experience that may help with deciding if surgery is right for you or how to prepare.

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If you’re more curious about clinical research for knee replacements instead of how to manage surgery, take a look at Healio. You can for current research regarding knee replacements. The posts summarize study findings and other news. Some recent topics include the effect of knee arthroscopy and knee replacements for people with osteoarthritis.

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