Healthline + UnitedHealthcare presents “Taking Care,” a three-episode video series profiling adults who’ve stepped into an unexpected role caring for a loved one who is living with limitations related to aging or a chronic condition.

Through them, we witness the ups and downs, the surprises, and how swapping roles as a caregiver for their loved ones actually brings these people closer together.

Episode 1: An Alzheimer’s Story with Kristy

Kristy has young onset Alzheimer’s disease. Her daughter Andrea is determined to help her live her best life. As they find their groove within a new family dynamic, they have also discovered a refreshed sense of joy in their togetherness.

Episode 2: A Breast Cancer Story

Wendy hired Mark as a caregiver for her father and a nanny for her two sons. Soon they fell in love and married. Years later, Wendy faces breast cancer. In this episode of Taking Care, Wendy and Mark discuss what it means to face the challenge together.

Episode 3: A Multiple Sclerosis Story

Jennifer and Dan both live with multiple sclerosis (MS). They both had MS when they first met, and over 18 years of marriage they’ve balanced caring for each other in different ways.

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