Saturated fats are everywhere. From potato chips and packaged cookies to fatty beef, lard, and cream, it seems you can’t get through the grocery store or scan a menu without coming across an item loaded with this type of fat.

While all food in moderation is a realistic approach for most of us, people living with certain health conditions need to be vigilant about their intake of saturated fat.

According to Roy L. Swank, MD, the creator of the Swank MS Diet, eating a diet very low in saturated fat — not to exceed 15 grams per day — can help manage the symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS). In addition to limiting saturated fats, the Swank method emphasizes whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and very lean proteins.

Here are seven Swank-friendly recipes for you to try.

1. Easy Winter Warmer Breakfast Porridge

Cold mornings call for a warm wake-up meal to fuel your day. This porridge recipe from Kylie at MS Diet Recipes is loaded with fresh fruit, chia seeds, sliced almonds, and all-natural porridge.

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2. Seafood Stew

Since the Swank diet gives white fish the green light, this recipe for seafood stew from MS Diet Recipes is a perfect addition to your dinner menu. Firm white fish fillet, mussels, clams, prawns, scallops, and calamari are combined with extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, and onions to give this hearty stew its delicious flavor.

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3. Chicken Shawarma

If you’re looking to up your cooking game, this recipe from Slender Kitchen is just for you. Chicken shawarma is a Middle Eastern dish combining chicken, lemon juice, cumin, paprika, garlic, turmeric, cinnamon, and more.

The ingredients are what make this meal scrumptious, but the fact that you can cook it in a slow cooker, pressure cooker, or on the grill is what makes this recipe a fan favorite. Plus, the folks over at Swank Diet Followers Friendly Recipes recommend this meal, as long as you make it with boneless, skinless chicken breast.

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4. Instant Pot Salsa Chicken

Your tacos, burritos, and salad will love being topped with this salsa chicken recipe from Simply Happy Foodie. The ingredient list is simple: boneless skinless chicken breast, garlic powder, taco seasoning, oregano, salsa, and salt and pepper. And if you’re new to Instant Pots, the Swank Diet Followers Friendly Recipes group says this is a great recipe to start with.

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5. Hummus and Grilled Vegetable Pizza

Most pizzas are loaded with saturated fat, but not this one from Budget Byte$. In fact, the Swank MS Diet and Lifestyle Public Page says this recipe is a healthy and delicious twist to our favorite pizza pie.

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6. Spinach Salad with Maple Soy Chicken

The sweet taste of maple syrup combined with soy sauce is what makes the chicken for this recipe from Low Fat For Life pop. But it’s the salad dressing made with avocado oil, garlic, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, honey, and mustard that really gives this meal its appeal.

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7. Swank-Friendly Tootsie Rolls

Say it isn’t so… a healthy recipe for chocolate that’s also Swank-friendly? The moderators at The Swank MS Diet and Lifestyle Public Page give this recipe from Eat Plant Based a thumbs-up. And with only five ingredients and no baking required, this is one sweet treat you should try.

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Everything Swank

The Swank MS Diet & Lifestyle Pinterest site is your one-stop shop for Swank Diet recipes. From Detoxifying Slow Cooker Moroccan Stew to Chocolate Vegan No-Bake Pie, get ready to spend hours searching their boards.

Sara Lindberg, BS, MEd, is a freelance health and fitness writer. She holds a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and a master’s degree in counseling. She’s spent her life educating people on the importance of health, wellness, mindset, and mental health. She specializes in the mind-body connection, with a focus on how our mental and emotional well-being impact our physical fitness and health.