A cool bite of affogato, a refreshing sip of frosé, and you and your partner will be overcome with passion and desire. Anyone else getting hot?

When the weather heats up, I think we can all agree that eating a heavy dinner of pasta or mashed potatoes isn’t going to put you in the mood. That’s why there’s something alluring about the idea of a summer aphrodisiac. A cool bite of this, a refreshing sip of that, and you and your partner will be overcome with passion and desire. Anyone else getting hot?

Now to bring you back down to earth for a moment. Unfortunately, the science behind most aphrodisiacs is disappointing. Of those that’ve been studied, very few have been proven to increase desire or improve sexual function.

But that doesn’t mean that certain foods can’t impact your desire, build passion, or improve your capabilities. While no food or drink can get your heart pumping and guarantee a satisfying romp without fail, the way you feel about a potential aphrodisiac makes all the difference. The importance you place on particular foods and how you or your partner respond to them is key.

Hold on for a minute, because this is about to get deep: The real aphrodisiac is your mind and the shared experience with your partner. The real power of an aphrodisiac is the pleasure of the experience, not necessarily what’s on the plate.

Still, you can build anticipation and set the mood for a steamy summer with these warm weather aphrodisiacs. The results aren’t guaranteed … but that really depends on how much frosé you lovers take down.

Swap out the traditional red wine for something a little cooler. A cup of frosé — frozen rosé — can be the perfect prelude to a roll in the hay. A glass of wine can increase your blood flow to all the right places and help you feel more relaxed, which means you’ll be raring to go. Just be sure to stick to one glass. Drinking too much alcohol can seriously put a damper on your sexual responsiveness.

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If used properly, eggplants and peaches can be powerful communicators of your desire. Don’t worry, you don’t even have to eat them. Spice up your texting and let your partner know what’s on your mind with these handy emojis. Create tension while you’re apart and give yourselves something to look forward to.

This cool and refreshing treat does more than act as a palette cleanser before a post-meal treat. Coffee, like the espresso in this delightful dessert, has been shown to boost mood. Get the good vibes going without overheating with a delicious affogato. Just be sure to opt for decaf or plan for a little afternoon delight if you aren’t keen on staying up all night.

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Good news for summer lovers: A little sunshine can do wonders for your sex drive. Sunlight helps regulate the body’s production of melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleepy and puts a huge damper on your sexual urges. Enjoy a little extra time outside for a natural libido boost — just don’t forget to use (sun) protection!

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Spice things up with some chilies and peppers. Not only will they help you boost your blood flow by soothing inflammation and reducing hypertension, they may also get you and your partner hot and ready. Capsaicin, the compound in peppers that make them feel spicy or hot, can make you feel flushed, cause your lips to tingle, and make your heart beat faster — all sensations that your body may associate with sex.

Just be careful with where you put your hands and mouth when you’re done eating to avoid unintended afterburn.

Cool off while you turn up the heat with frozen watermelon. This finger food may act like a natural Viagra. L-citrulline, an amino acid in watermelon, has been shown to improve mild erectile dysfunction in men. While more research is necessary to know if eating watermelon alone is enough to make a difference, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to try.

Your brain is often what’s standing in the way of you and great sex. While some foods or nutrients may improve sexual function, it’s up to you to bring the passion and desire. Discover your personal aphrodisiacs with a little experimentation and imagination. Even if the food or activity doesn’t do it for you, you’ll still be spending time with your partner and building intimacy. You may be surprised by the seductive power of a little playfulness and laughter.

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