Stress is an unfortunate but often unavoidable side effect of our busy lives. Having on-hand methods for managing stress is a good way to combat its physical, mental, and emotional impact.

You’ll find excellent advice to do just that on this year’s best stress relief blogs. They stand out for their active intention to educate, inspire, and empower people looking for stress relief.

Stress & Anxiety by Headspace

Those interested in trying meditation to relieve stress will find guidance at Headspace. There’s an app you can try, or you can sign up on the website to start meditating today. The blog also offers valuable information for finding relief. Recent posts cover nurturing versus depleting activities, tips for coping when politics are stressing you out, and how to ease financial stress.

Beacons of Change

While primarily dedicated to helping empaths and highly sensitive persons, you can also learn helpful stress management tips on Beacons of Change. Here, you’ll find articles that teach you how to balance giving to others without exhausting your own mental and physical health. The majority of the blogs are flagged as 1- to 2-minute reads, while some are much longer. This feature can help you identify important topics to read based on the amount of time you have, rather than adding on more stress.

The American Institute of Stress

The American Institute of Stress (AIS) has been increasing awareness about stress and its effects on health since this nonprofit was first established in 1978. Today, their blog features helpful tips and information for the management and prevention of stress for families and individuals of all ages. You also have the option of looking at specific topics of interest via the search bar. Whether you’re looking for information related to stress from trauma, relationships, or the workplace, the AIS will likely have a helpful article for you to read.

IQ Matrix

Adam Sicinski is the founder of IQ Matrix, a service that offers both mind mapping and life coaching. Such techniques may help you learn how to deal with challenges and subsequently high levels of stress. On the blog, you can learn tips for self-esteem and self-growth, as well as how to thrive both personally and professionally in times of uncertainty. If you’re curious about mind mapping, check out free membership opportunities for more information.

The Positivity Blog

The Positivity Blog was founded by Henrik Edberg, who writes extensively about the role of self-esteem and positivity in obtaining a happy life. On this website, you can learn about his tips for personal development, which include ways to increase confidence, mindfulness, and social skills. Readers will also learn how they may decrease stress, procrastination, and self-sabotaging thoughts. Henrik’s blogs are typically written in listicle format for easy reading whenever you have a moment to yourself.

Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha has been around since 2009, and its mission is to help readers increase personal peace and happiness. Here, you’ll find a variety of contributor written articles, such as meditation tips, overcoming trauma and personal challenges, relationship advice, and more. While you’re on the blog, be sure to check out the community forum to connect with others who may be going through similar struggles.

Simple Mindfulness

Mindfulness is one effective way to decrease stress by helping you stay present in the moment. If you’re looking to improve your own mindfulness techniques or are new to the practice altogether, you can gain practical advice from Paige Oldham and her blog Simple Mindfulness. Paige writes extensively about anxiety management, the negative health effects of stress, how to increase personal happiness, and other topics related to mindfulness-based strategies. She also describes how you can apply such strategies to your career, finances, home life, and interpersonal relationships.

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