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We all have stress. Some days it’s worse than others, making you want to stay in bed, or punch a wall. Whether your stress is tied to a specific issue or is the kind that sticks around day in and day out, finding relief is vital.

Stress can give you headaches, make it difficult to power through daily tasks, damage relationships, and even harm your health. Simply ignoring it won’t make it go away. In most cases, active stress relief techniques like exercise, meditation, and therapy are the most effective. But finding support online is often a great place to start.

The blogs we’ve selected as the best for stress relief each offer something unique. So, the next time you’re suffering the effects of a grouchy boss or financial woes, check them out for help.


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Entrepreneurs naturally face a lot of stress. Building an empire is tough. At Unreasonable.is, bloggers share feel-good, motivational information for folks building their own businesses and hoping to create a lasting legacy with their name. The site intentionally focuses on the toughest challenges that business and thought leaders face, asking successful people to share their lessons with others who aspire to conquer such challenges themselves. Recently, they hosted Ron Garan, an astronaut and social entrepreneur, who discussed how getting way outside of your problems can help you gain new perspective.

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How to Deal with Stress by Refinery29

Did you know that Refinery29 has a whole library of stress management posts? From a variety of writers, these posts cover everything from wellness approaches to stress relief, to how to cope with the current political climate without losing your mind. They also share personal stories by people dealing with stress in various areas of their lives — from work to weddings — as well as potentially effective products and self-help strategies.

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True Stress Management

If you’re interested in finding the best and latest stress management supplements, books, and other products, chances are that True Stress Management has you covered. They often review items found on Amazon, including essential oil diffusers, stress management books, and nutritional products, to help you get a handle on stress. But the site isn’t all product reviews and plugs, they also have great how-tos like the recent “170 proven stress management techniques to try today.”

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Stress Management Society

The Stress Management Society is a British nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading stress management techniques and guidance worldwide. On their blog, you’ll find information on new studies and stress management products, as well as a host of how-to articles and helpful advice — like why riding your bicycle is good for your mental health, physical health, and the planet.

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Stress Management Expert Blog by Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic’s hub for stress management is edited by Dr. Edward T. Creagan, a professor, oncologist, and hospice physician. Dr. Creagan steers clear of confusing medical jargon, and offers approachable and even inspirational topics, with his expertise simply acting as a guiding force. He writes about distractions, motivation, and time management, among other things.

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Trauma Blog by ISTSS

Anyone who has suffered a traumatic event in their life knows that the stress that results from trauma can last for years, if not forever. Learning to manage that stress takes time and often the expertise of outside professionals. Most of the professionals you will find at the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS) have expertise in trauma, making their blog a great resource. There are posts for military members and their families, abuse survivors, and even for those suffering from the symptoms of general stress.

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Stress and Anxiety by Headspace

Though some would argue that technology has added stress to our lives, Headspace hopes to counteract that. It’s an app and website that strives to make meditation simple. Their Stress and Anxiety blog is filled with useful posts on managing stress, with or without their app. They cover a wide range of topics, including a recent post on why phone calls cause anxiety and another on why doing meditation poorly is better than not doing it at all.

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Stress and Resilience

There are instances when the symptoms of stress require professional help. But even when your stress levels are considered par for the course, it doesn’t hurt to get insight from someone with expertise in the field. Debbie Waller is a British stress management expert and hypnotherapist. On her blog, you’ll find posts on how to deal with workplace stress, why stress affects us the way it does, and how your personality may be able to help you cope better.

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Trauma! A PTSD Blog

HealthyPlace is dedicated to mental health, and Trauma! is their resource for post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, which is common among abuse survivors, wartime military personnel, and anyone who has gone through a particularly traumatic experience. Here, you’ll find posts to help you cope with the symptoms of PTSD. You may even learn about how your PTSD affects those around you, as in a recent post about how it feels to be a teenage child of an adult with the disorder.

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Auntie Stress Café

Marianna Paulson is Auntie Stress. She has been through the fire, having been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and having undergone numerous surgeries to maintain her health. Through it all, she learned to manage stress in addition to physical pain. Now, she shares her experiences as a stress transformation coach. On her blog, you can read all about her personal experiences. You’ll also find real treasures of stress management advice, including tips on resolving interpersonal conflicts and using creativity to control your symptoms.

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Stress to Strength

Married couple Dr. John Hinwood and Dr. Judy Hinwood are both former chiropractors, and current stress management experts. Both are fellows of the American Institute of Stress, and share their insights into stress management on their blog. You can learn how staying hydrated can help you better manage stress, how to build emotional resilience, and more. We particularly like how the blog balances expert guidance and simple motivational messages.

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