Every 40 seconds in the United States someone has a heart attack. Of these events, about 1 in 5 is a silent heart attack, which can cause damage, but the individual experiences no or minimal symptoms.

If you’re concerned about your heart health, it’s important to seek medical assistance as soon as possible. One way your doctor may gain information about the condition of your heart and any potential health risks is to monitor it for irregular beating patterns.

In some situations, your doctor may request frequent monitoring at home using an electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) monitor. In these cases, choosing a reliable, accurate device is key. If you’re searching for one, you may have run across the SonoHealth brand.

This article reviews the SonoHealth EKG monitor, including its cost, features, and how it compares with other options. For reasons we’ll outline more below, there are other at-home monitors we recommend ahead of this one.

An ECG is a test that measures the electrical activity of the heart. Note that an EKG is the same as an ECG. The difference is simply that the EKG abbreviation comes from the German word elektrokardiographie.

The results of an ECG/EKG help your doctor learn if your heart is beating too fast or has an irregular rhythm.

A portable at-home ECG/EKG monitor may be suggested for self-monitoring if your doctor wishes to learn more about your heart rhythms due to family history, certain heart conditions, or certain pregnancy complications.

SonoHealth is the trade name for Aviarre Inc., founded in 2017 in Charleston, South Carolina.

Their primary product is the EKGraph, a portable EKG monitor. The company also sells a pulse oximeter that measures oxygen levels in the blood. The EKGraph uses one lead to measure heart activity based on one of four contact points on the body.

SonoHealth claims their device can be a substitute for “expensive tests,” but it has less leads than clinical EKG machines, which means it can’t offer as complete a picture.

Clinical and other at-home EKG machines have multiple points of contact with the body to take more sensitive and accurate readings. This means the EKGraph readings may be accurate for a single-lead device, but limited.

There’s also a lack of clinical trials to prove its accuracy, compared with other forms of testing.

While SonoHealth claims their EKG monitor is cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), we were unable to find that the product and company are currently registered with or approved by the FDA.

SonoHealth also offers their customers a gift card for writing a company or product review, which can sway the feedback available to potential buyers.

At-home EKG testing should not be considered a substitute for routine and emergency medical care. Additional testing may be needed to verify any home monitor’s results.

As of January 2022, the EKGraph has more than 1,300 ratings on Amazon with an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Of these, 69 percent are 5 stars, 16 percent are 4 stars, and 5 percent are 6 star.

It’s worth noting that some customers were disappointed to find they couldn’t contact the company directly through a phone hotline when they needed help. Instead, you can send the company an email or submit a support ticket online.

SonoHealth is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They have a C- rating on the site and three closed complaints in the last 3 years.

If you’re using the device for personal knowledge, the EKGraph can be used without the app. Meanwhile, if you wish to send records to your doctor or set different recording time lengths, you’ll need to use the app.

The biggest complaints surrounding the SonoHealth app on iTunes had to do with the log-in and registration process. According to some users, despite entering the requested information, they were unable to successfully register or log in due to glitches.

Because the app collects sensitive health data, some users also express concerns about how the app handles their private information.

Should you decide to buy one, the EKGraph Portable EKG Monitor costs $119. You can also purchase a protective hardcover case for $29.

Products bought through the website come with free 2-day shipping, a 60-day return window, and a 2-year warranty.

The EKGraph pairs with the SonoHealth app, which is free and has a 3.1 out of 5-star rating on iTunes. There are no subscription fees associated with using the app, and the app allows unlimited in-app storage of your results.

The SonoHealth EKG is flexible savings accounts (FSA) and health savings account (HSA) eligible.

Certain insurance plans may cover some of the cost of buying the device. However, insurance plans vary greatly in terms of which products are covered and what documentation is required. If you have questions about this, contact your insurance company to learn about your coverage.

Here’s how the SonoHealth EKGraph compares with other self-monitoring options:

SonoHealthAliveCor’s KardiamobileApple Watch Series 4 or later
Cost$119 through the official website$79No additional cost if you already own an Apple Watch Series 4 or later
Recording durationCan be extended upward from 10 seconds30 seconds30 seconds
Number of recordings storedUnlimited in-appFree basic service covers unlimited recording and emailing results to your doctor or to yourself. For $9.99/month, you get unlimited history and cloud storage of your recordings, automatic sharing, and a monthly ECG summary report to share with your doctorDepends on your iPhone storage
AppSonoHealth app gets 3.1 out of 5 stars on iTunesKardia app gets 4.8 out of 5 stars on iTunesECG app gets 4 out of 5 stars on iTunes
Screen & readingsIncludes a bright LCD screen that shows blood pressure, heart rate, and EKG wave pattern Displays blood pressure, heart rate, and EKG wave pattern on your smartphone screenA classification is displayed on the Apple Watch after a reading. You can also view the results on your iPhone
Number of leads4The standard version has 1. AliveCor also offers a 6-leads version, which is twice as expensive1
Where to buySonoHealth’s website, Amazon, WalmartAliveCor’s websiteApple stores, Apple website, other retailers that carry Apple products

As mentioned, SonoHealth currently offers one portable EKG device, the EKGraph, a touch monitor for tracking vitals and heartbeat.

The EKGraph is 3.8 inches long by 0.3 inches wide by 1.75 inches high (9.7 centimeters long by 1 centimeter wide by 4.5 centimeters high) and comes in medical blue coloring. It includes an LCD screen that displays heart rate, blood pressure, and EKG wave patterns.

The device features a one-button interface that contains two sensors. For a simple read, users simply hold it between their hands. The EKGraph also offers the option to get reads from the ankle or leg, wrist, or chest by holding the monitor against one of these points.

The device wirelessly syncs through the SonoHealth app with a smartphone, allowing users to save, print, and email unlimited readings. The app is free and doesn’t require a monthly or yearly subscription.

It’s important to know that the device will not specifically tell you if you’re experiencing atrial fibrillation. If this is a concern, make sure to discuss it with your doctor.

The process of using the SonoHealth EKG is fairly straightforward. For a one-lead read, simply hold the device between your hands for 10 seconds.

You can take readings using the additional lead built into the handheld device, which include:

  • wrist to hand
  • hand to ankle or leg
  • chest to hand

You’ll receive an instant report after the recording. If you have the app installed on your phone, you can open the app and sync the EKG data to your device.

Once the data is on your phone, you can view, print, or email the report.

For the best possible results, you’ll want to make sure you’re standing still during the reading. Try to reduce the amount of surrounding noise.

Where can you buy the SonoHealth EKG monitor?

In addition to SonoHealth’s official website, you can purchase the EKGraph Portable EKG Monitor on Amazon and at Walmart.

The cost can vary greatly among merchants, so if you decide to purchase one, you may want to price compare beforehand.

Also, keep in mind that return policies can differ depending on where and what time of year you make your purchase, so don’t hesitate to ask about a store’s specific policies.

What is SonoHealth’s return policy?

SonoHealth offers a 60-day guarantee for their devices, which includes free return shipping.

Simply fill out the form on their website for more information about how to return the item. Then, the company will process the refund within about 72 hours of the device arriving back to them.

Additionally, SonoHealth has a 2-year no-questions-asked warranty on the EKGraph. If the device breaks during that time, they will send a replacement free of charge.

Before buying or using the SonoHealth EKGraph, you may want to:

  • discuss with your doctor their recommendations for a home EKG machine
  • continue regular medical care with your doctor in addition to any home monitoring
  • calibrate it at your doctor’s office

Heart issues can be serious. Should your doctor ask you to perform at-home ECG/EKG monitoring — or if you simply want regular results for your peace of mind — reliability and accuracy are key.

SonoHealth is a U.S.-based company that offers a portable EKG monitor. While the SonoHealth EKGraph did not pass Healthline’s vetting process, other portable EKG monitors are available. Your doctor may offer recommendations based on your specific needs and lifestyle.

As a final reminder, devices like the SonoHealth EKGraph are not a substitute for emergency medical care and routine visits. Always reach out to your doctor if you have any concerns about your heart health.