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If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know that trying to get comfortable for a good night’s sleep can be next to impossible.

Sure, you can try wrestling multiple pillows into position, but what happens when you need to roll over or get up to go to the bathroom?

That’s where the Leachco Snoogle comes in. Designed by a registered nurse and mother, this long, slim, curved body pillow is made for ultimate comfort and support all night long — whether you’re pregnant or not.

The Snoogle is available in two sizes. Here’s how they compare.

SnoogleSnoogle Mini
Dimensions58.75 × 25.5 × 7.75 inches32 × 22.5 × 7 inches
Weight5 lbs2.8 lbs
Fill type100 percent polyester fiber100 percent polyester fiber
Cover material optionscotton, polyester plush, and cotton/polyester blend cotton and cotton/polyester blend jersey

Prices vary by retailer. You can usually find the Snoogle for around $60 to $70 and the Snoogle Mini for around $50.

The beauty of the Snoogle is in its versatility. You can use it in virtually endless ways to sleep or sit comfortably, whether you’re pregnant or not.

Get started with one of these options:

Back to back

Curl the pillow behind your back, resting your head on one end and tucking the curved end between your knees.

This is ideal for head-to-toe cushioning that provides neutral positioning.

Belly support

Hug the pillow, resting your head on one end and tucking the curved end between your legs.

This is a great placement for belly support.

Seated support

From a seated position, swirl the pillow behind your back, bringing it forward across your lap to rest your arms for reading, holding a baby, or even breast- or chest-feeding.

This placement may help decrease the forward rounding of your neck and thoracic spine.

Cushioned support

Sit on the curved end of the pillow to cushion your hips and backside, then swirl the pillow behind you and bring it across your lap to rest your arms.

This is another great way to use the pillow for reading or nursing, as it helps decrease forward head posture and helps you relax your neck and shoulders.

Elevated support

Coil the pillow into a cinnamon roll shape and prop it under your head and shoulders in bed.

Upper body support

Coil the pillow into a cinnamon roll shape to elevate and support your upper body.

If the reviews are any indication, just about everyone loves the Snoogle.

More than 10,000 reviews on Amazon average it at 4.4 out of 5 stars. On the Leachco website, the Snoogle racks up close to 100 additional 5-star reviews.


Customers love the support and versatility of this body pillow and note its ability to accommodate physical changes throughout a pregnancy and after.

Many reviewers say they found their Snoogle so comfortable, they continued using it long after giving birth.

Other reviewers who were never pregnant to begin with bought the Snoogle to ease back, hip, or neck pain.


Some customers were surprised by the size of the Snoogle, which might be a consideration if you share a smaller bed with a partner.

Check out the bed compatibility diagram on the Leachco website for an idea of how much space the Snoogle will take up.


While customers appreciate the fact that the cover is removable for easy cleaning, some note that it can be hard to wrestle the cover back onto the pillow.

The zippered removable cover can be machine washed and dried. But the pillow itself should be spot cleaned with a soapy cloth.

The Snoogle can also be fluffed if the interior fill begins to clump or flatten.

The Snoogle comes in multiple cover options, so you can choose the fabric and print you like best. Some reviewers recommend getting two covers, so you can still use your Snoogle while one cover is being washed.

You can buy the Snoogle directly from Leachco. Some styles and colors are also available at other online retailers:

The Snoogle isn’t the only pregnancy pillow out there, and personal preference will play a big role in what ultimately works best for you. Still, there are a few things worth considering.

Size and shape

Pregnancy pillows run the gamut, from small wedge-shaped pillows designed for belly support to the generously sized Snoogle. There are even bigger U-shape pillows that offer full support to the front and back.

Think about the kind of support you need today and what you might need in your last month of pregnancy, as well as how much space you’re willing to sacrifice in your bed. Some of these pillows are really big!


Pay attention to the fabrics used on the pillow covers. You might want to look for a cover that can be removed and washed.

If you tend to sleep hot, a cotton cover will be more breathable.

If good sleep eludes you during a pregnancy or otherwise, the Leachco Snoogle could make all the difference.

With its loose “C” shape, the Snoogle can be tucked and coiled as needed for support and comfort all night long. Plus, it comes in two sizes and multiple cover options, which makes it easy to choose the right Snoogle for you.

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