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What should you know about Linenspa mattresses?

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Believe it or not, the mattress you sleep on can make the difference between a restful and a restless night’s sleep. If you’re snoozing on an older bed, you may experience general discomfort, aches, and pains.

Sleep problems are a real public health issue. A 2017 review suggests that poor sleep can affect a person’s ability to be productive during the day. It’s also associated with chronic conditions like depression, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep problems.

Shopping for a budget-friendly, quality mattress might feel daunting. Linenspa, an online marketplace for mattresses and bedding, produces beds for shoppers on a budget, regardless of their sleeping habits or circumstances.

Let’s explore this mattress brand, alternative options, and questions you might have about purchasing a Linenspa mattress.

Linenspa is an online retail store for bedding products, including mattresses, pillows, toppers, bed frames, mattress protectors, bed sheets, pillowcases, and bed and bath accessories.

They were founded in 2003 with the mission to produce quality and comfortable beds “at a price everyone could afford.” To date, they’re one of the most popular brands for budget-friendly mattresses.

Linenspa produces five models of memory foam hybrid, innerspring, and latex mattresses:

All of their mattresses work with any base, including box springs, metal grids, adjustable bases, and platform bed frames.

You can purchase Linenspa mattresses on their website or from third-party retail platforms like Amazon, Target, Wayfair, and Walmart.


  • The mattress models are generally budget-friendly.
  • Many sleepers may find a model suited to their sleeping needs.
  • All mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified to be eco-friendly, toxin-free, safe for indoor use, and durable.
  • Shipping is free within the continental United States.
  • 10-year warranty available for all mattresses.


  • There’s a sleep trial, but it’s only for 30 nights. This is shorter than the standard 100-night sleep trial period available at other retailers.
  • There have been complaints that the mattresses have bed bugs and are not long lasting.
  • Linenspa isn’t accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
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  • The 8-Inch Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress is best for sleepers with back pain, stomach sleepers, back sleepers, and sleepers in bigger bodies.
  • The 10-Inch Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress is best for sleepers in bigger bodies, stomach sleepers, sleepers with back pain, and back sleepers.
  • The 10-Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress is best for couples, sleepers with back pain, restless sleepers, sleepers in bigger bodies, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers.
  • The 6-Inch Innerspring Mattress is best for sleepers in smaller bodies and restless sleepers.
  • The 5-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is best for hot sleepers and sleepers in smaller bodies.

8-Inch Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

  • Price: $149.99 to $269.99
  • Sizes available: short queen, twin XL, twin, queen, king, full, California king

This bestselling mattress model is made from a blend of fibers and foams, providing a medium-firm feel. It contains conforming memory foam that relieves pressure. Meanwhile, the combination of foam and springs offers great comfort.

The 3-layered design consists of 0.5-inch quilted memory foam, 1.5-inch comfort foam, and a 6-inch steel spring base. These features provide pressure point relief, cozy comfort, and responsiveness.

10-Inch Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

  • Price: $179.99 to $369.99
  • Sizes available: twin XL, twin, queen, king, full, California king

The 10-inch mattress is medium firm, making it suitable for sleepers of all sizes and sleeping styles.

Just like the 8-inch model, it’s made from a combination of fibers and foams. According to the brand, it renders a “universally comfortable” feel, while the thick memory foam eliminates painful pressure points.

It’s layered with 1.5-inch quilted memory foam and 2.5-inch comfort foam. These layers contour the body, provide spinal alignment, and ease pressure buildup. Also, it has a 6-inch steel spring base for support and extended durability.

10-Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress

  • Price: $199.99 to $399.99
  • Sizes available: twin XL, twin, queen, king, full, California king

This mattress is another medium-firm bed built with 1-inch quilted response foam, 2-inch response foam and latex, and 7-inch individually wrapped coils with edge support.

Its 3 inches of foam and latex provide moderate bounce and deliver cradle comfort. On the other hand, its individually encased coils support motion isolation, making it a particularly solid option for people who share a bed with a partner. It also has proper edge support that prevents sagging.

6-Inch Innerspring Mattress

  • Price: $99.99 to $149.99
  • Sizes available: twin XL, twin, queen, king, full, California king

This 6-inch innerspring mattress is the least expensive model available. It’s designed with children and sleepers with smaller bodies in mind.

This 2-layered mattress consists of 6 inches of tempered coils and a quilted cover. The layers enable it to provide comfort and sturdy support for a well rested night.

Its quilted cover is 100 percent polyester, while its inner material consists of fiber and foam.

5-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

  • Price: $119.99 to $199.99
  • Sizes available: twin XL, twin, queen, king, full, California king

This model is another option designed for kids and sleepers in smaller bodies. It’s infused with cooling gel that dissipates heat, regulates contact temperature, and provides cooling relief, making it well suited for people who sleep hot.

It also has a breathable cover that promotes ventilation, protecting sleepers from having sweaty nights.

Its 4-inch high density base foam provides optimal support.

You can get a Linenspa mattress from their website or online retailers like:

Proper handling and regular maintenance of your mattress can allow you to enjoy a longer lasting value.

Here are some tips for taking care of your mattress:

  • Try not to jump on your bed to prevent it from sagging or sinking.
  • Use a mattress protector to protect the mattress from stains, dust, and other allergens.
  • Rotate your mattress every 3 to 6 months to promote slow and even wear.
  • Change your bed sheets, pillowcases, and other bedding regularly to keep your mattress clean and allergen-free.
  • Place the mattress on a solid base before use for proper support and extended durability.

According to a 2012 study, your mattress model and its features may significantly affect sleep behavior and quality. An optimal mattress structure may have a hand in improving the overall quality of your sleep.

Linenspa mattresses come in memory foam hybrid, gel-infused memory foam, and latex hybrid foam, which may improve sleep based on your sleep needs and circumstances.

For instance, according to 2017 research, latex memory foam mattresses are made with light, soft, and cushy materials. This makes them be responsive, conform to body shape, provide spinal support, and distribute weight evenly.

Additionally, the memory foam mattresses are firm to medium firm. A small 2009 study suggests that getting a new and medium-firm bedding system may reduce stress symptoms, ease back discomfort, and enhance sleep quality. Likewise, a 2021 review observed that medium-firm mattresses may relieve nonspecific low back pain and promote comfort, spinal alignment, and sleep quality.

The Latex Hybrid mattress is built with individually encased coils, making it breathable and well suited for people who share a bed with someone. This pocket spring system allows the mattress to limit motion transfer, which is designed to offer undisturbed sleep, regardless of your partner’s sleeping behavior.

Lastly, memory foams infused with cooling gels support heat absorption and cooling comfort to create a good temperature for falling and staying asleep.

Linenspa is a go-to retail mattress seller for inexpensive and quality mattresses. They’ve been shipping mattresses to consumers worldwide since 2003. Many customers report pleasant experiences with their purchases, noting that they’re comfortable and worth the buy.

However, some Amazon buyers complain that their mattresses came with bed bugs and were not durable.

The 8-inch Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress has 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon out of nearly 120,000 global ratings.

Linenspa is not BBB accredited. However, they have an A+ rating on the site, which represents BBB’s view of the company’s relationship with their customers. They have only four complaints on the website, all of which the company responded to.

If you’re interested in other options, here are some alternatives to Linenspa.

Tuft & Needle

Founded in 2012, Tuft & Needle is a Phoenix-based retailer of quality mattresses, bedding, sleep accessories like white noise machines, and other wellness products.

They produce three mattress models, including the Original Mattress, Mint Mattress, and Hybrid Mattress. The prices of these models range from $645 to $1,895.

Their mattress models are suitable for many kinds of sleepers, including:

  • people who sleep hot
  • sleepers in small bodies
  • restless sleepers
  • back sleepers
  • sleepers with back pain
  • people who share a bed with others

The mattress company holds environmental certifications that speak to their quality, nontoxicity, eco-friendliness, and safety for indoor use, like the CertiPUR-US, Greenguard Gold, and Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX.


Nectar is a sleep company that produces affordable and durable mattresses, bed frames, pillows, mattress protectors, duvets, bedroom furniture, and other products.

They were founded in 2016 with the intent of creating affordable and comfortable mattresses. Over the years, they have acquired more than 2 million purchasers. According to reviews on the website, many of these buyers are satisfied with their purchases.

Three mattress models are available: the Nectar, the Nectar Premier, and the Nectar Premier Copper. The prices of these mattresses start from $873.

Their beds are great for hot sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers.

All Nectar mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified. That means they’re free of ozone-depleting materials, are durable, and have low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions for indoor air quality.


Purple started as a bed-in-a-box mattress company in 2015.

This company produces and delivers mattresses, pillows, bedding, bed frames, pet beds, seat cushions, and bed products for children.

They offer five mattress models, three of which are hybrids:

Prices start from $649.

Their mattress models are excellent for:

  • hot sleepers
  • sleepers with body pain
  • sleepers who share beds with someone
  • restless sleepers
  • sleepers of all body sizes

All Purple mattresses are made with CertiPUR-US certified foams that are eco-friendly, nontoxic, safe for indoor use, and durable.

Who they’re best forPricingSleep trialShipping and returns
Linenspashoppers on a budget, sleepers with back pain, stomach sleepers, back sleepers, sleepers in bigger bodies, hot sleepers, and sleepers in smaller bodies starts from $99.9930 nightsfree shipping and returns
Purplehot sleepers, sleepers with body pain, sleepers who share a bed with someone, restless sleepers, and sleepers of all body sizes and sleeping positionsstarts from $649100 nightsfree shipping and returns
Nectarhot sleepers, sleepers in smaller bodies, and back sleepersstarts from $873365 nightsfree shipping and returns
Tuft & Needlehot sleepers, back sleepers, sleepers with back pain, people who share a bed with someone, and sleepers in smaller bodiesstarts from $645100 nightsfree shipping and returns

Is Linenspa a good mattress brand?

Linenspa has been in existence since 2003, manufacturing and shipping mattresses to thousands of consumers worldwide.

Many purchasers leave positive reviews about their mattresses, highlighting that they’re cost effective and comfortable options.

If you’re looking for a reliable and quality mattress on a budget, you can consider getting any Linenspa model that meets your sleeping needs. However, try to handle the mattress with care and maintain it to lengthen its lifespan.

Are Linenspa mattresses made in the United States?

No. Linenspa mattresses are manufactured in China, but designed in the United States.

What is the best mattress to buy in 2022?

If you’re getting a mattress in 2022, consider looking for an eco- and health-friendly mattress. Find one that accommodates your sleep needs, health status, sleeping position, environment, circumstances, and bedroom size.

Here’s a list of mattresses worth buying in 2022.

If you’re looking to get a new mattress or wondering whether you should replace your old mattress, it’s worth prioritizing quality and comfort over other factors.

Research suggests that an old and uncomfortable mattress may deprive you of refreshing sleep. And a 2019 study showed that, contrary to general belief, the body cannot adjust to and function on little sleep.

Linenspa is a popularly recognized brand for comfortable and quality mattresses. You can get any of their models that suit your sleep needs at a great price.