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The great thing about the internet is the wealth of information out there for the curious, especially if you want to learn more about a condition or treatment. But sometimes it can be overwhelming. When it comes to skin disorders, we’ve got your back. From rosacea to eczema, here are our top blogs on skin disorders. Most have a medical doctor or expert behind the keyboard with advice you can turn to.

Dr. Cynthia Bailey Skin Care

Dr. Cynthia Bailey Skin Care

For the past 25 years, Dr. Cynthia Bailey has been a board-certified dermatologist. On her blog, learn how to tackle your most pressing complexion needs, from acne to rosacea, or find out which products will actually work for your skin. Dr. Bailey takes the time to explain dermatology in a way anyone can understand. She’s also not afraid to delve into personal details. Read her brave stories about her experience with breast cancer and the effect chemotherapy can have on your skin.

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Rosacea Support Group

Started by David Pascoe in 1998, Rosacea Support Group was originally just an email group. Since then, the group has grown to a community of 7,000 members. People with rosacea know that information about the condition can be incredibly hard to find — which is exactly why Rosacea Support Group is such a great resource. Look at their blog for user reviews on products, the latest news, and scientific research about rosacea.

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Blessed by Brenna

Courtney Westlake started her blog Blessed by Brenna in 2011 after her youngest daughter, Brenna, was diagnosed with a skin disorder at only 4 days old. The skin disorder, harlequin ichthyosis, is a rare genetic disease with many challenges. Courtney continuously documents these challenges and triumphs of her and her family’s life. Constantly inspirational, Courtney's posts are encouraging to anyone experiencing skin issues or curious about the journey.

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It’s An Itchy Little World

It’s An Itchy Little World chronicles Jennifer’s journey towards “itch-free, sneeze-free, wheeze-free days.” This may sound particularly relieving to anyone with eczema. But Jennifer isn’t just concerned with putting an end to the scratching. She wants to do it in a way that’s eco-friendly. You’ll be interested in her articles like “Natural Eczema Relief: What Worked For My Son,” which Jennifer tested firsthand. She’s also the founder of The Eczema Company, which sells all-natural eczema treatments.

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Vitiligo Clinic & Research Center Blog

Curious about what causes vitiligo? Dr. Harris has most of the answers to this mysterious skin condition. With a background in clinical research and vitiligo, Dr. Harris is more than qualified to dish out his expert advice. For the latest research and what the path to a cure looks like, visit Dr. Harris’ blog.

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The Pai Life

The makers of certified organic skin care, Pai offers products specifically for those with sensitive skin. And it makes sense that their blog also does a great job of exploring health and wellness in relation to the skin. For example, do you really need that eye cream? The Pai Life will tell you their thoughts on whether or not you need one. There’s even an article called “2016’s Most Googled Beauty Questions Answered.” But where the Pai Life excels is sensitive skin, like how to calm down redness and irritation.

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Salcura Natural Skin Care Therapy

Salcura Natural Skin Care Therapy is a blog dedicated to natural remedies and information for people with various skin conditions, from eczema to psoriasis. Because the world of skin care can be so tricky, Salcura takes time to explain how different ingredients work with different skin types. For the eco-friendly inclined consumer, the blog’s focus on natural skin care is a huge plus. If you’ve been wondering what dyshidrotic eczema is or have been curious about the causes of itchy skin, Salcura’s blog has the answers.

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Real Everything

Founders Stacy and Matthew’s motto over at Real Everythingis “Real Food. Real Talk. Real Life.” They started off in 2012 writing about their commitment to a paleo lifestyle, but have since rounded out their content to focus on real everything, including skin care. Stacy runs part of the blog in service to natural and cleaner cosmetics. Her popular article about swapping cosmetics for nontoxic versions has the solutions you need for irritant-free products.

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National Eczema Society

The National Eczema Society is “dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with eczema and their careers.” As a resource, The National Eczema Society provides everything you want to know about eczema, like news, events, and advice on care and treatment. The organization also has an additional goal: to help raise awareness about the needs of people with the condition.

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Eczema Matters

Eczema Mattersis a blog run by the National Eczema Association, a nonprofit organization founded in 1988. Their blog is dedicated to helping people living with eczema get the tips, information, and access they need. Curious about the latest in drug testing and whether or not it helps? Eczema Matters will have the information first. Read about the newest therapies available, such as the biologic medication approved for treating dermatitis.

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American Academy of Dermatology

Founded in 1938, The American Academy of Dermatology represents the largest dermatology group in the United States. Stay up-to-date with their news section, which has the latest in dermatology legislature. Know exactly what action and stance the AAD has taken toward the latest news. Some examples include the AAD opposing an indoor tanning tax repeal and urging for more skin protection during childhood.

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Eczema Blues

Inspired by baby Marcie, Eczema Blues is run by Marcie’s mom, Mei. Mei began blogging when her daughter was 1 years old, but Marcie has had eczema since she was only 2 weeks old. Throughout the years, Marcie and Mei have helped inform readers about eczema tips in many ways, from allergy myths to diet studies. Now 7, Marcie’s eczema has calmed down, but Mei continues posting light-hearted and entertaining content that keeps readers informed about their life.

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