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Finding the right birth control can be one of the most empowering things you can do for your health.

Not only do birth control methods, like the pill, patch, and ring prevent unwanted pregnancies, but access to these methods has been shown to reduce abortion rates.

Hormonal birth control can also help manage acne, ease menstruation issues, and decrease the risk of ovarian cysts.

However, with all the benefits of birth control, finding a sustainable system that’s easy to take and inexpensive can be a challenge. That’s where SimpleHealth comes in.

SimpleHealth is an online birth control prescription service that connects users with an online medical team and delivers birth control in the mail each month. SimpleHealth makes it easier to find birth control that works without the hassle of repeatedly going to the pharmacy.

Keep reading to learn more about SimpleHealth and to see if it’s right for you.


  • Affordable. Most insurance covers the cost of birth control. Without insurance, the birth control costs start at $7 a month.
  • Convenient. SimpleHealth provides home delivery, so you don’t have to go to the pharmacy and miss your pill if you forget to refill.
  • Professional. SimpleHealth connects users with medical professionals who consider your medical history and needs before prescribing a birth control method.
  • Refundable. If you have an issue with the prescription or decide not to continue, the initial consultation fee is refunded.
  • Highly reviewed. SimpleHealth has 4.59 out of 5 stars from more than 4,000 reviews, with most customers very happy with the product.
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  • Yearly subscription fee. While inexpensive, SimpleHealth does require a yearly fee of $20.
  • Inconsistent customer service. Some reviewers who had issues with birth control say that it was difficult to get in touch with customer service.
  • Product changes. Some reviewers say their birth control brand suddenly changed after a few months.
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SimpleHealth is a telehealth birth control subscription service that ships birth control each month.

New patients start by completing a virtual consultation, where you provide your medical history and birth control preferences to the SimpleHealth medical team. The team then chooses a form of birth control that fits your needs. The initial consultation costs $20, and most birth control is covered by insurance. People without insurance pay about $15 a month.

Once everything is set up, the birth control is delivered monthly, removing the pharmacy middle person.

SimpleHealth offers more than 120 generic and name-brand birth control options. You can choose between the pill, patch, and ring, depending upon what you’re looking for.

Because landing on the right birth control pill can sometimes take a few tries, you stay in contact with the SimpleHealth team, who is ready to make subscription changes when necessary.

Along with providing birth control, SimpleHealth also sells supplements for women’s reproductive health. The supplement line includes a multivitamin, urinary tract support supplement, and probiotic, which come in a 30-day supply and are shipped monthly.

SimpleHealth is a great telehealth option for people looking to streamline how they receive birth control.

One of the challenges many people face with birth control methods, like the pill, is remembering to refill their prescription on time. Missing a refill can mean having to start over.

Because SimpleHealth is delivered monthly and removes the need to go to the pharmacy, you may rest easy knowing that you have your contraception method when you need it.

While SimpleHealth does offer various birth control methods, those looking to use an intrauterine device (IUD) or injectable hormone contraceptive won’t find those options with SimpleHealth.

SimpleHealth is also an excellent option for people without insurance who are looking for affordable birth control and a doctor’s guidance.

Once you sign up for SimpleHealth, the onboarding process will help you find the right prescription. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Complete your consultation: Before the consultation, you’ll fill out your medical history and preferences for birth control. Then, you’ll attend a virtual consultation with a doctor to discuss your choices for safe and effective birth control to meet your preferences.
  2. Add your payment method: Input your payment information for the consultation and birth control.
  3. Get your prescription: Your prescription is sent directly to you.
  4. Receive continuing care: Your birth control method will automatically renew, and refills will be sent right to your door. You also have the option of messaging the team with any questions you have or adjusting your birth control.

New patients pay an initial $20 consultation fee to connect with a doctor and share their medical history.

Most insurance providers cover the cost of birth control. Those without insurance pay, on average, $15 a month.

SimpleHealth also charges a yearly fee of $20 for the entire plan, which includes an annual consultation, unlimited access to doctors, free shipping, no commitments, 45-day check-in, customer support, and more.

The company says it doesn’t share information with anyone outside SimpleHealth, partner pharmacies, or the patient’s health insurer without permission. SimpleHealth follows federal standards and HIPAA laws.

Overall, customers rate SimpleHealth highly and report positive experiences with the company, and 90% of reviewers would recommend SimpleHealth.

Many reviewers say their birth control arrived quickly, and the company’s customer service was helpful and provided fast and easy service. Many reviewers also say that they enjoyed not having to go to the pharmacy and could finally afford birth control thanks to SimpleHealth.

Some reviewers who rate the company poorly had issues with their birth control and say it was difficult to get in touch with customer service. Some also say their birth control brand changed suddenly after a few months.

SimpleHealth started as a birth control company and, over the years, has been expanding services to cover other areas of health.

The company’s other products are available to add to the birth control prescription. Here are the current product and services offered:

Birth control

SimpleHealth offers contraceptive services, so your prescription automatically renews, and refills are sent to you. They offer different types of birth control, including:

  • oral pills
  • patches
  • vaginal rings

After paying the one-time consultation fee, birth control from SimpleHealth can have a $0 copay with most insurance networks and starts at $7 a month without.


SimpleHealth has formulated a few supplement options to support your reproductive and overall health. Similar to the birth control options, these products are available by subscription, so you receive automatic refills to never run out of your supplements.

Here are the current products:

  • The Daily 5 is a multivitamin created to support healthy cells, immune system, and energy levels. This product costs about $20 a month.
  • Urinary Tract Support was created to help prevent urinary tract infections. It contains 500 mg of cranberry extract. This product costs about $15 a month.
  • Probiotic Blend is a formulation with 12 probiotic strains and 30 billion CFU to support your digestive health. It costs about $25 a month.

Cold sore and herpes prescriptions

SimpleHealth offers treatments for cold sores and herpes. The kits include a prescription antiviral medication called valacyclovir to treat breakouts and help them clear faster.

Both the cold sore kit and genital herpes kit cost $20 per kit.

Emergency contraception

You can choose to receive ella, a morning-after pill, with your birth control shipment. It’s available for a $0 copay with most insurance plans.

Note that you can’t order ella on its own, nor does SimpleHealth offer expedited shipping in the case of an emergency. You can check out other ways to quickly get emergency contraception here.

Once you’ve signed up for a SimpleHealth subscription, the company will begin processing your order. The brand claims the medications usually arrive within 4 to 7 days after the pharmacy begins processing your order.

SimpleHealth ships your prescription in discreet packaging. Typically, the prescription is sent in a simple white envelope or a blank box, so no one will be able to tell what’s inside the package.

SimpleHealthPill ClubHersNurx
Products and services– birth control pills, patches, and rings
– emergency contraception
– cold sores and genital herpes treatment
– consultation with a medical professional
– birth control pills or rings
– consultation with a medical professional
– primary care and mental health services
– hair care products
– skin care products
– birth control pills
– yeast infection treatment
– genital herpes management
– supplements
– birth control pills, patch, or ring
– skin care products
– at-home tests
– HIV PrEp
– genital herpes and cold sore treatment
– migraine treatment
Cost– may be fully covered by insurance
– options starting around $7 a month
– $20 annual fee
– may be covered by insurance
– options starting around $10 a month
– $15 annual fee
– doesn’t accept insurance
– birth control options starting about $12 a month
– may be covered by insurance
– options starting around $15 a month
Customer ratings4.58 out of 5 stars4.6 out of 5 stars4-5 out of 5 stars4-5 out of 5 stars
Where the service ships32 statesAll 50 statesAll 50 states30 states

What if I have problems with my birth control?

SimpleHealth knows that it can take a few tries to find a birth control where the benefits outweigh potential side effects.

The company offers more than 120 types of generic and name-brand forms of birth control, which means you’ll likely find one that works well.

The company emphasizes continued care, and you can stay in regular contact with a virtual healthcare professional and customer service to make any necessary changes to your prescription.

SimpleHealth’s team is available to answer questions and address issues as they arise.

Which birth control methods does SimpleHealth offer, and how do I know which one is right for me?

You can choose between an oral contraceptive, the patch, and the ring. The medical team will help you choose which one is right for you based on your lifestyle and needs.

In general, the patch and ring methods are good options for people who don’t want to take a pill every day, as they’re used for 3 weeks straight, whereas the pill must be taken daily to work.

If I have insurance, why wouldn’t I just go to my doctor?

One of the biggest benefits that SimpleHealth offers is convenience. Usually, if you use birth control, you have to go monthly or every few months to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription.

Also, if your birth control isn’t working for you, then you have to go back and forth to the doctor until you find one that works.

SimpleHealth helps simplify the process through its virtual platform, so you can directly contact your medical team if things aren’t working and get your prescription shipped right to you.

Is SimpleHealth packaging discreet?

According to the website’s FAQs page, SimpleHealth delivers its birth control shipments in discreet packaging. The brand says, “packages are shipped in a plain envelope or box. There are no images or logos on the package … The return address lists our partner pharmacy, which dispenses medications of all varieties.”

SimpleHealth operates based on the philosophy that people deserve access to birth control, regardless of insurance or financial status.

If you’re looking to streamline your birth control prescription service and get convenient monthly access to contraception without going to the pharmacy, it may be a good idea to check out the full range of options available with SimpleHealth.

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