Because…’tis the season to be overscheduled, exhausted, and stressed out!

Self-care isn’t just a holiday thing — or a winter thing. It’s an all-year, all-the-time thing.

Those who have discovered the art of self-care know it’s the one essential thing you need to do before you can truly have the energy, focus, and strength to care for others, be they partners, parents, children, or friends.

Never underestimate the power of self-care… or the power of a gift that helps you or a loved one do it right.

These lovely handmade self-care kits (courtesy of the wonderful makers on Etsy) are just the thing to leave under someone’s tree this season.

1. Tiny Self Care Kit from Hope the Black Dog

2. You Are Loved Self Care Kit from Gratia Box Co.

3. Facial Mask Spa Gift Set from Odette & Joni

4. Deluxe Pamper Gift Set from Naturally Beautiful

5. The Anxiety Box from The Sick Box

6. Stress Relief Set from Herbal Chest

7. Good Vibes Gift Set from Peace Organics

8. Palo Santo Love Bundle from Earth Medicine Herbals

9. Self-Love Spray Set from Ritual Elements