Welcome to the Science of Dreams, a Healthline original series where real dreams are brought to life as three experts, Dr. Matthew Walker, author of NYT bestselling book Why We Sleep; Dr. Raj Dasgupta, pulmonologist and sleep researcher; and Dr. Lori Tyler, Jungian psychologist, lead us through the mysteries and the science of why we dream.

What Is Sleep?

What is sleep? When in our sleep cycle do we dream? Our three experts weigh in for Healthline’s first episode of the Science of Dreams original series.

Why Do We Dream? 

Why do we dream at night and what is the purpose of dreaming? Our experts explore the mystery of dreams and how we can learn to remember them.

What Are Nightmares? 

What are nightmares and how can we learn to flip the script after we have one?

What Are Lucid Dreams?

How can we recognize a dream while we’re in it? Our sleep experts weigh in on the phenomenon of lucid dreaming and the science behind it.

What Is Sleep Paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is a chilling experience for those who face it. What happens when the mind wakes up, but the body is still asleep? 

Why Do We Have Sex Dreams?

Why do we have sex dreams and what can they say about us and our sexuality?

Do Dreams Boost Creativity?

How can our dream world inform our real world? In this episode, our 3 sleep experts illuminate how our dreams can promote creativity.

Why Do We Have Recurring Dreams?

Why do we have recurring dreams and what can these patterns tell us about our waking lives?