These days, there’s an app for just about everything, and that includes a selection of mobile apps specifically designed for people living with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). These apps can help you track your symptoms, manage your condition, communicate with doctors, and much more.

Check out our round-up of RA-related apps and other helpful options here.

RA-related apps

Track + React

The Track + React app from the Arthritis Foundation is a great on-the-go tool for tracking RA symptoms and encouraging healthy living while managing RA. Track + React is branded as your all-in-one daily wellness tool for living with various forms of arthritis, including RA. With Track + React, you can track your symptoms in a safe and secure manner, rate your pain on a sliding pain-scale, track activity, and more. It’s free and works on multiple devices.

Download here for iPhone and Android.

Walk with Ease

The Walk with Ease app, also brought to you from the Arthritis Foundation, tracks your steps. What sets it apart from other walking apps is that it’s specifically designed for people with arthritis. You can set your own walking goals to account for less physical activity during flare-ups. Not only is the Walk with Ease app free, but it also features an evidence-based walking plan for people with various forms of arthritis.

Download here for iPhone and Android.


ArthritisID helps you detect, treat, and manage arthritis. An interactive screening tool can help you find out which type of arthritis you may have. The app also provides the latest information on treatment strategies and medications, as well as exercise, diet, and nutrition tips.

Download here for iPhone.

Pain Companion

Pain Companion is for anyone suffering from chronic pain. It allows you to draw a color-coded map of where you experience pain, while offering ways to improve your health, track symptoms, communicate with doctors, and connect with fellow patients who are experiencing conditions similar to yours.

Download here for iPhone and Android.

Arthritis Power

Arthritis Power helps people with arthritis fight back by participating in research. With this app, you can track symptoms and treatments, view your data over time, and share your information with both doctors and researchers.

Download here for iPhone and Android.

Other helpful apps

Some of the less obvious apps could be among the most beneficial for managing RA.

Hands-free apps

Hands-free texting and dictation apps are wonderful if you’re experiencing a flare-up in your hands, wrists, or fingers. Any app or plug-in that allows users to talk-to-type is a huge adaptable and accessible benefit that can help you manage daily tasks while living with RA.

Stress-management apps

Guided meditation apps like Pain Relief Hypnosis can help you relax and manage your pain. You can also cope with pain and improve your emotional health with apps that deliver daily positive quotes and affirmations. And if you’re looking for a creative outlet, adult coloring apps can provide stress relief without the pain of holding a colored pencil or crayon.

Dietary apps

Dietary apps can help you track what you eat so you can find out which foods may trigger RA flare-ups. Popular options include MyFitnessPal, Lose It!, and Noom Coach. Many of these apps offer in-depth calorie and nutrition information, as well as diet and recipe tips.

Social media apps

Social media apps allow you to connect with communities of support and others with similar conditions. This social connection is vital when living with a sometimes isolating condition like RA. Studies have shown that a social network of any kind can have a positive effect on overall health and wellbeing.

Healthcare provider apps

Apps that help patients to communicate with doctors or receive lab results can often be a positive thing for patients, too. Many larger hospital systems and healthcare providers are now jumping on board with not only in-house electronic medical records, but also apps and websites to help patients access their own health information and test results from the comfort and privacy of their own home. Even pharmacies are making it easier for people with RA to refill medications from their tablet or smartphone.

So if you have RA, there is a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips — take advantage of it!