Rheumatoid arthritis, or RA, is about so much more than debilitating pain. For people living with this condition, the sense of isolation can be just as difficult to manage as the physical symptoms. But you aren’t alone.

Every year, Healthline searches for RA blogs like this year’s winners. These blogs exist to educate, inspire, connect, and empower people living with RA, and we hope you find them helpful.

Carla’s Corner

Carla’s Corner

People living with RA will find the latest information about the condition, as well as guidance and advice for dealing with RA and its associated health issues from someone who understands it intimately. Carla received an RA diagnosis in June 2008, and she turned the full force of her 25 years in executive-level communications consulting toward RA advocacy. She has RA, but it doesn’t have her, and that perspective is evident all over her blog.

From This Point. Forward.

From This Point. Forward.

Anyone looking for inspiration and reassurance that no one is defined by a disease will find it here. Mariah was an exceptionally busy dual-degree graduate student when she received an RA diagnosis at age 25. Her posts are an honest portrayal of how she adjusted to life with this condition by doing her best to keep looking ahead.

Chronic Eileen

At 29, Eileen Davidson received an RA diagnosis, a condition present in her family history but so different that she imagined it to be. This is her story so far of navigating RA while finding her voice and purpose at the same time. Eileen has become a passionate advocate about arthritis awareness, and her blog serves the dual purpose of sharing her own journey and the latest information on prevention, treatment, and self-management.

Health Central: Rheumatoid Arthritis

With information about symptoms, traditional and complementary treatments, management and lifestyle tips, and inspirational stories from people living with RA, there’s something for patients and caregivers alike at Health Central. It’s a great resource for information about all things RA.

Pollyanna Penguin’s RA Blog

The idea that staying positive can be powerful medicine in itself is the driving force for Pollyanna Penguin — who is neither a Pollyanna nor a penguin. She is, however, determined to focus on the “glad game” when it comes to RA, and her blog is where she reminds herself that there’s always a bright side. Her posts are written with humor and grace, and she writes about everything from RA flare-ups to self-care tips.

Rheumatoid Arthritis News

This is where RA patients will find the latest science and research news about the condition. Interestingly, despite the extensive research and development underway for the treatment of RA, little news makes it to mainstream media. The team at Rheumatoid Arthritis News sources that information and makes it accessible in a patient-friendly format.

Not Standing Still’s Disease

Kirsten is a writer with chronic illnesses, including systemic juvenile arthritis, and her blog is where she writes frankly about the challenges associated with her conditions. See how she’s navigating the road ahead, fighting for change to the healthcare system, and advising others on how to live their best lives.


This site intends to empower patients and caregivers to take control of RA by offering a platform for education and community. In addition to staff articles, visitors will find information written by physicians and patient advocates, as well as first-person accounts by those whose lives have been touched by RA.

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