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Rethink My Healthcare is a telehealth services provider. They believe quality healthcare should be affordable and easily accessible for everyone. The platform provides a safe, convenient, and cost-effective way to connect with licensed healthcare professionals, including doctors, psychiatrists, and therapists, from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re new to online healthcare or have used telehealth previously, Rethink My Healthcare has a comprehensive range of services available.

Here’s what you need to know about Rethink My Healthcare, how their services work, and the potential benefits for someone considering telehealth.

Rethink My Healthcare is a new take on healthcare coverage. They are not an insurance policy, but they offer appointments with primary care physicians, psychiatrists, and therapists at affordable rates. The company negotiates directly with their healthcare professionals to offer you some of the lowest prices on services in the United States.

Founded in 2018 by Connor Galic, New Jersey-based Rethink My Healthcare provides a comprehensive range of health services, including:

  • online primary healthcare
  • mental health care, including individual talk therapy, couples therapy, and family therapy
  • psychiatric medication management


  • Prices are low.
  • Two pricing options are available.
  • Free trial is available.
  • Doctors’ details are provided prior to meeting with them.
  • You can choose the doctor you prefer.
  • All doctors are board certified.
  • Mental health services are offered.


  • Website looks slightly outdated and may be hard to navigate for some.
  • Does not accept insurance.
  • You can only pay with credit card.
  • Doctors’ details are only available after signing up.

Telehealth services like Rethink My Healthcare are a convenient and affordable way to connect with a doctor, and they’re becoming more popular every year. In fact, a 2020 study found that telehealth appointments increased by 50 percent during the first quarter of 2020, compared with the same period in 2019.

Rethink My Healthcare can work well for anyone who wants to connect with a doctor or other medical professional from the comfort of their own home or another place of their choosing. It’s also excellent for people who may be too busy or unable to travel to a clinic in person. Additionally, it’s a great platform for people who live in rural areas without easy access to healthcare professionals.

Individuals looking for support for mental health conditions can also benefit from Rethink My Healthcare’s psychiatry and counseling services. They’re particularly convenient if you cannot leave your home because of anxiety or other challenges.

However, signing up for Rethink My Healthcare might not work so well for some individuals. For example, if you don’t have a smartphone or computer at your disposal, or your internet connection isn’t reliable, you may need to opt for in-person visits instead.

Rethink My Healthcare provides a comprehensive range of online medical and mental health services, including the following.

Virtual doctor’s visit

Price: $24.99 per call or unlimited for $99 monthly

You can see a registered, board certified doctor in less than 10 minutes from your phone, computer, or the Rethink My Healthcare mobile app. You’re free to choose a specific doctor, or they can assign one to you for fast treatment.

The qualified Rethink My Healthcare doctors can then help with a range of over 50 routine medical conditions from allergies and asthma to bronchitis and constipation.

If you need a prescription, they’ll send the details to the pharmacy of your choosing, and you can collect your medications when convenient. If you need a doctor’s note to excuse you from work or school, you can request one for up to 3 days of absence during your appointment.

Rethink My Healthcare also makes sure that deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals can communicate with their virtual doctors through the secure live chat feature, which complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Pediatrics telehealth

Price: $159 monthly for a family plan including 4 individual accounts

Rethink My Healthcare provides pediatricians for virtual visits for children of all ages in nearly every state. If no pediatricians are available, family practice doctors who specialize in caring for children can also provide online care.

The platform treats over 100,000 children every year and can advise on more than 80 common conditions. You can add your child or children to your account as dependents and then schedule visits as needed.

To set up the child’s virtual visit, simply select your chosen pediatrician, list the reason for the appointment, and choose whether you prefer a phone or online consultation. Pediatricians and family medicine doctors are typically available around the clock, including on weekends and holidays.

The family plan also allows children to see therapists and psychiatrists with interactive learning, webinars, and communities coming soon. Therapy and psychiatry are only available for kids 10 years and older.

Online psychiatry

Price: $24.99 per call or unlimited for $99 monthly

Rethink My Healthcare has an experienced team of psychiatrists that can provide assessments, evaluations, treatment, and ongoing medication management. They can help with mental health conditions, including anorexia, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bipolar disorder, and more.

If necessary, the psychiatrists on the platform work with your primary care physicians and other providers. Collaborative care helps improve your experience and typically delivers better outcomes, reducing your overall health costs.

One thing to note is that, as telehealth providers, Rethink My Healthcare psychiatrists cannot prescribe controlled substances, including benzodiazepines, narcotics, and stimulants. Therefore, if these medications form part of your care, they’ll fax them to your primary care physician and request a prescription for you.

Online therapy

Price: starts at $99 per month

With thousands of mental health specialists on the platform, you can find a therapist who understands your needs. These qualified counselors can help with grief, depression, and other challenges by providing support, guidance, and talk therapy.

The Rethink My Healthcare platform provides screenings to help you identify the type of help you may need and the type of professional you should see. Once you’ve completed the screening, you’ll see your results and recommendations. From there, you can book a therapist of your choice and wait for an appointment. This typically happens in 7 days or less.

Couples therapy

Price: $129 monthly

Rethink My Healthcare provides affordable therapy for couples. They provide professional help for couples to improve communication, commitment, and other issues. In addition, their licensed counselors help couples work together to strengthen their relationships.

Scheduling joint appointments for in-person therapy can be tricky with work, family, and other commitments. However, with Rethink My Healthcare, both partners can access therapy sessions even if they’re in different locations.

The couples plan includes access to virtual primary care, couples therapy, and individual sessions as required.

Other services

The company also offers:

  • Dentistry (starts at $60 per month). With the Rethink My Healthcare dentist program, you’ll receive access to more than 200,000 dentists and orthodontists nationwide who are a part of their network. With the Dental Care Savings Program, you’ll receive savings on dental specialist care, such as full-mouth X-rays, oral exams, tooth removals, and more.
  • Surgery. There’s limited information about the Rethink My Healthcare surgery program. However, they explain that they’ve teamed up with top rated surgeons across the country to develop a fixed price plan.

The website is generally easy to use and navigate, but it feels outdated. Although this may negatively affect your first impression, everything you need is a scroll away, and most information is easily accessible.

When scrolling down the homepage, you’ll find details of the different plans and how the services work. However, somewhat confusingly, the details of some plans are incorrect. For example, there are details for a $60 per month virtual care plan, but this should state $99. There are also details for a $90 per month direct pay healthcare plan, but the sign-up button takes you to the company blog. However, users can call the company to confirm pricing details at 888-899-8809.

Also, if you’re looking for pricing for the couples or family plan, you’ll need to head over to the sister site, Rethink My Therapy, for the details.

There’s also further confusion on the Virtual Doctors page. The frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page refer to MDLIVE. Although Rethink My Healthcare worked in partnership with MDLIVE, they parted ways in December 2020 and have yet to update the website.

You’ll also find a separate frequently asked questions page from the top menu. But it’s somewhat challenging to read.

Rethink My Healthcare mentions that they have a mobile app, but it’s tricky to find any further details. However, they do have a straightforward, easy-to-navigate online portal. You should be able to book an appointment with a physician in around 10 minutes. You may need to wait 1 week or so for therapy sessions.

Overall, the website is easy to use, but a few tweaks are needed here and there to deliver a truly excellent user experience.

It isn’t easy to find any customer reviews for Rethink My Healthcare services, and they are not listed on Trustpilot. However, as they were founded in 2018, they’re a relative newcomer to the space.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has three complaints registered with the company regarding billing and collections. Because Rethink My Healthcare has not responded to any of these complaints, the BBB has rated them an F.

Besides this information, reviews or other information about the company are nonexistent.

Rethink My HealthcareBetterHelpTeladocDoctor on DemandMDLIVE
PricingCosts range from $24 per call to $129 per month (or $99 per month for unlimited access) depending on the service.Costs range from $60–$90 per week depending on your location, preferences, and therapist availability.Depending on insurance, you’ll pay up to $99 per therapy session, up to $299 for an initial psychiatric visit, and up to $119 per follow-up psychiatric visit. General medical services cost $75–$95 per session without insurance.Talk therapy costs $129 for a 25-minute session and $179 for 50 minutes.
Psychiatry costs $299 for your first 45-minute session and $129 per 15-minute follow-up.
Therapy is $108 for each 45- to 60-minute session.
Psychiatry is $284 for your initial 15- to 30-minute consultation and $108 for shorter follow-up appointments.
Urgent care appointments are $85, while dermatology appointments are $95.
Insurance accepted?No.No. The services offered are generally not covered by health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid.Yes.Yes.Yes.
Services offeredPrimary care, individual talk therapy, couples therapy, pediatric care, psychiatry.Counseling services for adults, couples, and teenagers, including marriage and family therapy, psychology, clinical social work, and professional counseling.General medical, mental health, specialists and expert opinion, wellness care.Urgent care, preventive care, mental health, and chronic care.Urgent care, primary care, mental health, dermatology.
ConsiderationsInexpensive compared with other platforms, ability to choose your own doctor. Insurance isn’t accepted.You can opt to connect with your therapist through a chat room, live chat, phone, or video meetings.Expensive without insurance and no subscription plans.Expensive without insurance, no subscription plans, and video chat is the only option.Without insurance, the out-of-pocket prices are reasonable, but still more costly than subscription options.
PrivacyHIPAA compliant. They adhere to HIPAA BAA regulations, state laws, and ethical codes regarding patient confidentiality.HIPAA compliant. All messages are secured and encrypted by banking-grade 256-bit encryption.Adheres to HIPAA laws and protocols. They take administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect data from theft, alteration, or disclosure.HITRUST certified, HIPAA-compliant, NCQA and URAC accredited.HIPAA compliant. They have implemented measures to secure data from accidental loss, unauthorized access, use, alteration, and disclosure.

Rethink My Healthcare was created to provide high quality healthcare options without relying on insurance companies. You have access to tens of thousands of doctors across the country without concerns about referrals or pre-certifications when you join. Rethink My Healthcare has negotiated low rates with their healthcare professionals, meaning that you benefit from affordable health services.

So, Rethink My Healthcare is a great option for people looking to save on healthcare costs, perhaps due to lack of health insurance or because their plans have high deductibles. But keep in mind their services cannot completely replace traditional doctors’ visits, and they are not meant for emergencies.

That said, you can apply for their medical cost-sharing program starting at $100 per month. Rethink My Healthcare claims that their monthly plans are about 40 percent cheaper than standard health insurance premiums.

Plus, the company likely appeals to those considering online therapy, thanks to the low costs and wide range of available therapies.

You begin the sign-up process by answering some basic questions with the Rethink My Healthcare chatbot. You’ll need to provide your name, email, and phone number. They also request your zip code to check the availability in your area.

The site then verifies your email, and you’ll need to fill in a brief medical questionnaire. The great thing about Rethink My Healthcare is that you receive a free 7-day trial, so even though you need to enter your billing information during sign-up, you won’t be charged at that time. Likewise, if you decide that the service isn’t for you, you can cancel within your free trial with no fees to pay.

Once you’re up and running, you can search through physicians, psychiatrists, and therapists in your state. There’s information about each of the medical professionals, and you’re free to pick whoever you prefer depending on their availability. If you need to speak with someone urgently, your wait time can be as little as 10 minutes.

When it’s your appointment time, you simply log on to the online platform or smartphone app and begin your virtual visit.

How much does Rethink My Healthcare cost?

Rethink My Healthcare offers two options to suit different price points and health needs. If you opt for a one-time virtual visit with a primary care doctor, the cost is $24.99.

However, if you prefer 24/7 unlimited access to doctors, psychiatrists, or therapists, there’s a $99-per-month option that provides $0 copay visits as often as you like.

If you hop over to the sister site, Rethink My Therapy, you can also find options for couples starting at $129 per month and a family program for up to 4 people at $159 per month.

Can you cancel a subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time with no fees.

Can Rethink My Healthcare write prescriptions?

Yes, your board certified doctor can prescribe various medications through the platform, from antibiotics to blood pressure medications. They can also refill prescriptions for existing treatments.

That said, they cannot prescribe controlled substances. If you require these medications, you’ll usually need to attend an in-office appointment with a local physician.

If you need medications, your doctor sends through a prescription to a pharmacy of your choosing, typically within a couple of minutes.

Can I pick my own doctor?

Yes, you can pick your own doctor. When you schedule an online appointment, the Rethink My Healthcare platform shows the professionals in your area. All the doctors are board certified, and you can narrow down your choices according to your specific health needs and availability.

Rethink My Healthcare is a comprehensive healthcare and therapy telehealth provider catering to people of all ages, from infants to adults. They have plans for individuals, couples, and families.

Their subscriptions are some of the most competitively priced on the market, starting at $99. It would be challenging to find unlimited online physicians’ and therapists’ visits for a lower price anywhere else.

If you’re considering Rethink My Healthcare, their 7-day free trial offer is hard to match and allows you to test out the waters without any commitment.

Zia Sherrell is a health copywriter and digital health journalist with over a decade of experience covering diverse topics from public health to medical cannabis, nutrition, and biomedical science. Her mission is to empower and educate people by bringing health matters to life with engaging, evidence-based writing.